Everywhere I look there are Kids, Kids, Kids…

Preschooler to dad: What’s a date night?

Dad to Kid: It’s what happens when you go to bed. LOL!

Planning a date night may be the last thing you feel like doing right now but the reward of connecting with another adult is so worth it. The kids will take every single minute you give them so here’s your permission slip to carve out a little bit of couple time. Your sanity deserves this.

To help you out, we’ve curated a list of options to help make your next at home date fun, entertaining, and maybe even productive?

(We’re not judging your date choices – as long as they follow social distancing protocols…)

Food-Related “Let’s Stay In” Date Night Ideas

01) Set up a Wine & Cheese or Chocolate tasting night.

02) Get take out from one of the local restaurants offering delivery or curbside pickup. Saddleback BBQ is offering this and bonus: they’ve made a great list of restaurants doing the same. Another fan fav is LBC’s to-go menu and I personally love it because of all of their GF options.

03) Cook a nice dinner together. Choose from a favorite recipe, an online cooking class, or make your own version of Chopped.

04) Try your bartending skills with one of American Fifth Spirits Tasting Room’s cocktail Carry-Outs.

05) Have a romantic dessert night. The dessert case at Chapelure EL is a nice option. Or, break out that fondue pot you got as a wedding gift and haven’t used yet.

Games & Such “Let’s Stay In” Date Night Ideas

06) Have an old Wii or Nintendo Switch? Dust it off and throw down a bowling, duck hunt, or Just Dance Challenge. If you don’t have a game system, YouTube has Just Dance challenges that are just as fun to dance along with.

07) Cribbage: get a board and learn how to play this classic card game. True confession: I own a board – trust me it’s fun.

08) Raid your board game collection. The old “I don’t have time to play Monopoly” excuse is out of commission for awhile. Maybe play inside of a fort…

09) Ask one of the 36 Questions That Lead to Love… it’s not a game exactly, but you might end up winning.

10) Do a puzzle together. Add wine or beer or snacks. And maybe a fire in the fireplace…

11) Set up an indoor (or outdoor) mini-golf course and play through your house.

Active Date Night Ideas

12) If the kids are old enough to stay home alone, go for a long walk or bike ride through your neighborhood or on a nearby trail.

13) Try making a Tik Tok video.

14) Take a yoga class together. Just B Yoga in REO Town Lansing is doing Facebook live and YouTube video yoga classes.

15) Workout together. The YMCA of Lansing has video workouts on their YouTube chanel.

16) Do a project together. Home improvement projects together = great bonding time. Hang that picture you’ve been meaning to hang, put up or take down that baby gate that’s been sitting there for months. Do some caulking, patch some holes, or come up with new decorating ideas now that you have time.

17) Take online dance lessons

Even More Date Night Ideas

18) The Classic – Netflix (and chill?)

19) Take advantage of the BroadwayHD 7-Day free trial. You can watch a Broadway show as one of your dates for free!

20) Watch a virtual concert with this list from WKAR.

21) Have a bonfire. Roast marshmallows. Look up at the stars.

22) Flip through old photos and remember what life was like before kids.

23) Shoulder, foot, or backrubs by candlelight…

Have more date night ideas for at home? Drop a comment below -we’d love to hear them!