Why You Should Buckle in Your Kids and Drive to Craig’s Cruisers in Grand Rapids ASAP


Surprise! Craig’s Cruisers is an All-Inclusive Mini-Vacation for Families

To be honest, I never thought I’d go to Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center because I thought it would be too loud, too crowded, and a place I would go broke after visiting, not to mention I’d have to drive to Grand Rapids.

But after my recent visit, I’m changing my tune!

My concerns were smashed to smithereens after actually taking my family. If you’ve never been to Craig’s Cruisers and have had similar thoughts, here’s what you need to know:


It’s More Than a Trampoline Park

Yes, there is a jumping area and I will note it’s awesome!

But Craig’s Cruisers is so much more than that one cool attraction…

There are 12 attractions in all!


Your Kids Will Want to Do Every Attraction

Like the ninja course, cruiser coaster, indoor electric go-karts, bumper cars, laser tag, trampolines, just to name a few.

That’s ok – there’s a plan for that (Hint: wristbands!!)

We finally visited Craig’s Cruisers near Christmas time as a birthday trip for our oldest. His birthday party came with a lovely surprise – we ALL loved every minute – even down to how much it cost!

Read on to find out why.Craig's-Cruisers-Ninja-course

It’s Very Spacious

There’s lots of room to move around helping you easily stay connected to your most precious gems! We experienced this first hand with our youngest. He likes to refer to himself as sonic the hedgehog – extremely fitting as he loves to dart at any moment especially in places like Craig’s Cruisers.

Since they’ve created an atmosphere where kids love doing the attractions with their parents, I can honestly say that I felt comfortable and safe throughout our visit while we kept up with our little runner.

It’s a Family Fun Center but It’s Not Too Loud

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll realize that they’ve designed sound components in a very positive way. Each activity area has its own feel and sound creating little mini-destinations distinguishing each from another.

Whether it’s from the extremely high ceilings or strategically placed sound barriers, either way, families seeking loads of fun and semi-chill vibes will be pleasantly surprised that Craig’s Cruisers truly is a delight to visit.


Your Craigs Cruisers Q&A – Because I Know You’ll Want to Recreate What My Kids Call “The Best Day Ever”

We had such a great time at Craig’s Cruisers and wanted to share some Q&A’s that helped give us a fantabulous trip.

Plus, some things I wish we would have known before we went.

Q: When Should I Visit?

A: It’s less busy in the winter, but there is fun to be had all year long.

It was late December and all through Craigs Cruisers, not a family was stirring, not even a toddler! Yes, my new Night Before Christmas rendition of our experience is way exaggerated.

But I hear from many other families as well, winter is a great time to visit because it can be less crowded.

Bonus: Outdoor activities stay open through some winter months depending on the weather. Call before you go for the day’s accurate information.


Q: Why Go All-Inclusive With The Works Wristband?

A: You can be a YES MOM! Play Time is Free of Stress and Full of fun

I thoroughly enjoyed using this choice because it meant I could say yes to ALL attractions, go back as many times to the buffet (we let our 4-year-old eat way too much ice cream which may or may not have been the best choice –  eek!) and jump as much as we wanted.

There’s a reason people love all-inclusive…you know exactly how much you’re paying and that’s it! Their NEW – The Works  Wristband packages include 3 hours of unlimited fun or food and fun.


I didn’t realize how crazy awesome The Works Package would be until it was all said and done. It was so nice not to have to think about a set budget for the day or have to pick and choose which activities to do.

Q: Does “All Attractions” Really Mean All?

A: Yes – It really does!


In the winter months, the outdoor attractions aren’t included because of weather, but anything indoor is included in your 3-hour time frame.

With ease, we got through the entire family center going back multiple times to the ninja course, cruiser coaster, indoor electric go-karts, bumper cars, laser tag, trampolines, just to name a few.

Craig’s Cruisers was our oyster and each activity was a pearl!

My abs got a work out from laughing and cheering on my husband as he conquered the ninja course. The best part was the kids telling him he was the coolest dad ever!

I would have tried it out too but regrettably, I wore jeans (note to self – wear stretchy pants next time!)


Click the button below for their full list of attractions.

Had we known about this next question beforehand, we would have gone back to the virtual reality attraction many times as well.

All Attractions
Buffet Menu

Q: Why Make Time for Hologate Virtual Reality?

A: IT’S SO MUCH FUN! I want to go back for more!

The Hologate virtual reality set-up will be the first thing you see when you walk in. Since it was our first time we weren’t sure if it was included in the “attractions” portion of The Works Package.

Great news– it is!

We focused a lot on the other attractions and of course had a blast but left the Hologate Virtual Reality portion till the very end. My oldest and I picked the snowball fight course to play together while my hubby took our youngest to get more icecream (see, I told you he had too much!)


A super nice Craig’s Cruisers worker helped us put on our gear. It was intense how much we felt like we were in a whole new world.

It was cloudy yucky weather the day we visited. Surprisingly, playing in “the snow and blue sky” of the virtual reality gave similar effects to being in it. We launched snowballs at each other feeling every hit as if it were real and hung out with penguins while listening to nice music.

There were more mature games to choose like zombies and other adventures, but the snowball fight was just perfect for my 7-year-old and I.


While virtual reality was surely a finale-type of attraction and we walked out having just done something SO COOL –  I wish I would have known how magnificent their virtual reality is! The four of us would have done this together and most likely more than once.

You’ll want to plan lots of time for this, trust me!

Q: What can I Expect From the Buffet?

A: They Have it all – Plus, There’s a Kid Section in the Buffet Area!

Coffee (yippee,) soft-drinks, salad bar, pizza, pasta, dessert! They have it all – even options for gluten-free-ers.


My son has lots of food allergies so we brought his lunch. The kid area made it so cool for the kids whether eating the food provided or bringing your own for a kiddo like mine. Craig’s Cruisers has it set up to create a special moment for the entire family outside of the actual food being eaten.

On top of that, TV’s are located in the kid section. While you’re eating you can enjoy a kid-friendly show and when you’re finished, staff clears the table so you can get back to playing in no time.

Q: Will my Preschool Age Kid or Grandma Have fun?

A: Most Attractions are Preschool to Adult Friendly

Even though our 4-year-old wasn’t tall enough to drive the indoor electric go-karts, he was tall enough to ride along. The smiles from his sweet face after this portion were priceless making this a big highlight for him.


Heading towards the cruiser coaster, he looked up and asked my husband, “can you hold my hand daddy?” After going on this mini-roller coaster over and over, he talked me and his cautious brother into going with them and just like that we had a special family memory moment we won’t soon forget.

These experiences continued through the Craig’s Cruisers Family Center and by the end of our trip our faces hurt from all the laughs and smiles.


If you’re not sure if you’re kiddo meets the height requirements contact Craig’s Cruisers. Their staff is very helpful and will get you the right information for your next trip.

Q: Does Craig’s Cruisers have Birthday Packages and Group Rates?

A: Yesiree! Birthday Packages and Groups rates are available

As I mentioned up top, I want to go back to Craig’s Cruisers – oh yeah and my kids too.


Just the four of us went for my son’s birthday this year, but knowing how fun it was, going for another birthday and bringing friends along with sounds epic.

Here are some different ways you can save a bit on group rates and birthdays:

Birthday Packages
Group Rates

Relax, Play, Laugh, and Smile on Your Next Trip to Craig’s Cruisers

Are you ready to enjoy your all inclusive mini-vacation?! I can close to guarantee that your next trip to this land-o-fun will be a blast for your family, too.


I mentioned above their kind staff, but I wanted to give another shout-out again about how helpful the employees were we encountered.

We especially loved the enthusiasm of the ninja course narrators! They truly added to the stress-free fun that took our trip over the top as they called out my son by name yelling:

“Ok, here he goes! Can he do it? Woo! He tries to clear the conveyer belt, oh and he does it! He goes for the wall! Can he do it?! Yes! Go, friend, go!”


If you’ve been to Craig’s Cruisers, what is your family’s go-to attraction and why?

Comment below! We’d love to hear about your family’s experience and continue to spread the Craig’s Cruisers love.

Have fun spending some great family time, Lansing!

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