Get Ready! Lansing’s Week Ahead: April 23-30


Hey, Lansing!

We love sharing fun tidbits, things that make us laugh, new and fun things around Lansing and connecting with you!

Read on for dialogue, things to do this week, fun things to know, plus things that made us smile.


Just as I Suspected…

Top from parks and rec cozy in couch cushions

From both sides of the pendulum, J-lo was decked out head to toe playing in the yard with her family and Ryan Seacrest in matching tie-dye sweat outfits with his girlfriend.

Are you on a J-lo or Ryan kind of vibe these days?

Easter Sunday was the first time in 30 days I wore jeans 😳…and just as I suspected…I couldn’t wait to get back into my stretchy pants. I imagine cozy clothes (or as my son calls them ‘clozies’) sales are booming right now.

If you’re a J-lo, can you send some of that motivation over to the rest of us?! #goals

~Your “clozy” friend, Carla

Basics For Your Week [April 23-30]

Things to do This Week

We can’t officially get out and do something this week, but there are still many fun things to do thanks to the creative and amazing community businesses from Lansing to all around the world.

Here are some highlights for the week:

The mic drop digital girl playing guitar
Photo Credit: The Mic Drop: Lexi Rosado

Lansing: has long been known for its local talent and TheMIC Drop hasn’t stopped showcasing that each week. Tune in each Wednesday for some encouragement and inspiration with my friend Lexi who leads the night! Check out last week’s show, What is Your Why.

Get Brainy: with the CADL Live STEAM powered building challenge.

Visit: animals during Zoo Insiders with the John Ball Zoo.

Bored: a four-letter word in your house and need more ideas? Try these 250+ Boredom Busters!

Go: to a daily virtual visit at the Frederik Meijer Gardens.

See: a large scale science experiment during Facebook Live with the Michigan Science Center.

Learnvirtual martial arts with Victory Martial Arts in Okemos.

Science: and more with the Air Zoo.


Fun to Know

Here are some fun and great things to know including prep and hope for our summer!


Summer: isn’t canceled just yet! We know that many summer activities are being canceled, and we are monitoring each day to keep you up to speed. In the meantime, to be prepared (and dream) here’s the big list of summer camp options for your kiddos!

Looking: for a challenge? Kodak created the world’s largest puzzle – 5,000 pieces! 😳 Would you take this on?

Win!: 8 Breaking dance class lessons with AOTA Hip Hop Academy!

School 2.0: has either officially started this week for some, or is approaching this coming Monday morning. If you need some tips and pointers (like I do) here’s what a mom who’s been doing it for a while says.

Catch: Monday’s with Me where Michelle Obama reads great stories to kids each Monday at noon. (this week’s was the Gruffalo!) 🤔 I wonder what next week will be…

You: can visit 8 of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Made Me Smile

Smiling through this time has been a game-changer and these “smileables” do not disappoint:

ALT Printing Snail Mail Club - Keep Going
Photo Credit: ALT Printing Co, Lansing

Join: the Snail Mail Club with ALT Printing in REO Town! I joined this week and I’m so excited about it! When you sign up you’ll get postcards sent to you in the mail. You’ll have a new screen printed card each month to send out to all the people you’re missing and could use an encouraging note.

Smile: while you watch and listen to Lady Gaga’s performance of “Smile” during One World: Together at Home.

Then watch: the full episode of ‘One World: Together at Home’ show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert. You can also listen or watch the performances on their Spotify playlist and Youtube channel. I had it playing as my background music this morning and it’s lovely. 😊

Creativity: can be so encouraging. Check out what some artists did to a Hospital ICU to spread some inspiration.

Photo of the Day

This past weekend I got a chance to have some “me” time. Being home each day, I forget that we still may need to “get away.” My boys and hubby went inside after a family campfire and I stayed. With a glass of sangria, I just sat there…thinking…making a mental gratitude list…sorting some seeds to share with my sister…and just being. It was so refreshing.

You may not enjoy doing that but finding something that does fill you up could be really helpful. If you haven’t been doing this already, here’s a great article my friend and co-worker, Melissa, wrote with ideas and ways to help us de-stress.

Cheers to all you’re doing to keep your family “going!”

camp-fire-me-time glass of wine by a burning bonfire

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