Instagram Worthy – Sweet Pictures to Take With your Kids

I’m chuckling a little as I type this because I remember the days of turning in my film to Meijer Photo and hoping with all of my heart that the picture I took of the cute boy at camp turned out. Now, I have two cute boys of my own and with just a tap of my finger I’ll know if the picture is junk or not. BUT – is it post worthy?!

Our photo albums are a lot like home-movies these days. I love looking at all of my own pictures, but the vast majority don’t end up on social media. Refraining from posting ALL of my pictures deflects that infamous “friends falling asleep from boredom” joke that comes along with the watching of home-movies.

Reo Town Sentrock Piece Record Lounge Lansing

So, what should make the cut?

Well – we think these photo opp spots will be the backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots of your family.

See All the Sights – Take All the Pics

My true motive for this article is to encourage us all to get out on the town and see how awesome Lansing is and is becoming! You might be shocked to know more about these cool spots like I was. From world renowned graffiti artists to our own home-grown innovators and artists, every day our city is becoming more and more fun to explore.

Artpath Old TOwn Lansing Art Gallery Kids interactive

Each spot offers great fun to be had. You could trek around to all of them in one day or take an entire year to explore each location. Whatever you do, don’t forget to snap a pic and #lansingplays while you’re at it.

Nanibah Mural  – Polka Dots

Nani Chacon graced our Lansing Old Town streets with this breathtaking mural. It’s awe inspiring and seeing it in person is spectacular. Go see it, you’ll love it.

Where to find it: 1207 Turner Rd, Lansing, MI 48906

Nanibah Chacon Mural Old Town Lansing

Htown Ink’s Wall – Kean’s Store Co

Htown Ink did an amazing job of creating such a fun whimsical feel in downtown Mason. Thanks Kean’s Store for partnering with Htown Ink to make such a great space in your ally.

Where to find it: 406 S. Jefferson Street Mason, MI 48854

Instagram worthy pics Kean's Store Co HTown Ink

Sentrock’s Piece – Record Lounge Wall

Sentrock is known all over the WORLD. While AOTA occupied this space he blessed Lansing with this amazing piece right in the heart of Reo Town, Lansing.

Where to find it: 1132 S. Washington, Lansing, MI 48910

Sentrock graffiti piece Reo Town Lansing

REO Town Venue Riverview Wall

Riverview goes against the grain and encourages graffiti artists to paint and tag all over their side and back walls keeping life and art in Reo-Town Lansing. Use the entire wall or grab a pic of a little portion. You’re bound to get a good pic here.

Where to find it: 1115 S Washington Ave Lansing, MI 48910

Riverview Church Graffiti Wall Reo Town Lansing

Hillbrook Park – Haslett

You can’t see the park from Lake Lansing road, but you can see the art piece. There is a fun mosaic on two walls in the parking lot. Take a pic and play.

Where to find it: 1751 Lake Lansing Rd, Haslett, MI 48840

Hillbrook Park Haslett lake lansing kids

Moores Park

There are all sorts of pics to be taken here. So, here’s a list. The round pool, the graffiti wall in the pavilion, the three stacks, the river trail, and the spiral stone zen garden. You’ll probably find something else awesome as well. When you do #lansingplays and we’ll add it to the list.

Where to find it: 420 Moores River Dr, Lansing, MI 48910

moores park kids Downtown Lansing bikes

REACH Art Studio

The REACH team has a beautifully unique garden in the back of their building making way for beautiful and cool pics all at the same time.

Where to find it: 1804 S Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48910

REACH Art Studio Reo Town Lansing Kids Art Wall

The State Capitol

Need I say more? Beautiful building = beautiful shots.

Where to find it: 100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933

Michigan State Capitol Building Steps

Interactive Gear Head Structure: “Portrait of a Dreamer”

This one is fun for all! You can turn the handle and watch the gears move.

Where to find it: Where Michigan Ave and Museum Drive intersect. (As you turn to Impression 5)

Gear head Museum Drive Satue kids downtown lansing

MSU Museum 

The architecture at the MSU (Dinosaur) Museum is absolutely beautiful. But, the kids will love the dinos, snakes and bear – Oh My!

 Where to find it: 409 W Circle Dr, East Lansing, MI 48824

MSU Museum Lansing Kids Dinos

MP Social Patio

One of the best views of the river and city is at MP Social!

Where to find it: 313 N Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48912

MP Social Patio Downtown River Trail View Lansing

On the River – River Town Adventures 

The pictures are endless and the same goes for the smiles. Paddle down the river and take some beautiful shots. You might even see some turtles! BUT – don’t forget to pick up your waterproof pouch from River Town’s store in the Lansing City Market before you go.

Where to find it: 325 City Market Drive, Lansing, MI 48912

River Town Adventures Kayaking on the River Downtown Lansing

The Jumping Pillow – Uncle John’s Cider Mill

Pics on the big pillow are adorable because the kids are having a blast! Try a pike or splits pic to get everyone laughing.

Where to find it: 325 City Market Drive, Lansing, MI 48912

Uncle John's Cider Mill Jumping Pillow kids

Old Town Alley

It doesn’t matter which end you start at – the art is beautiful and pics are grand.

Where to find it: 1208 Turner Rd, Lansing, MI 48906 (behind Absolute Gallery next two Arts Council of Greater Lansing)

Old Town Art Alley Murals art walk


This may be a little tricky – but look both ways and it will be so fun!

Where to find it: On MSU Campus where Beal street and Circle Drive intersect.

sparty msu campus statue kids

Scrap Fest

Vote, eat, see amazing sculptures. These pieces blow families away every year at Scrap Fest in July. With something new each festival you’ll have great pictures to share and an amazing night of fun full of memories.

Where to find it: Old Town Lansing.

Scrap fest old town downtown lansing

Elderly Instruments – Mural Wall

I bought my first instrument at Elderly Music – a violin. Walk through these nostalgic doors for breathtaking guitars and instruments or take pics by their mural wall.

Where to find it: 1100 N Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48906

Elderly Instruments Old Town Lansing Kids art

Impression 5

Endless great pictures and fun await you at I5. Some of my favorite spots to take pictures of my boys are the water, nature, and light rooms as well as the building walls outdoors.

Where to find it: 200 Museum Dr, Lansing, MI 48933

Impression 5 Nature Room Downtown Lansing Kids

Farmers Markets

Fresh is best. There’s nothing like walking through markets and finding something fresh to cook for dinner. The kids love picking items out on their own. Interacting in our community is pretty special as well.

Where to find it: Find a list of markets on our calendars and date night guide.

Horrocks Farmers Market lansing

Apple Butter and Maple Fest – Fenner Nature Center

Fenner Nature Center holds two really cool events each year. Take pics out in nature and try out cool activities. All worth a good snapshot.

Where to find it: 2020 E Mt Hope Ave, Lansing, MI 48910

Fenner Nature Center Lansing Kids

Eli & Edyth Broad Art Museum

Pretty much anywhere you take a picture at or near this building is a winner. The fantastically creative architectural design lends itself to close ups, far away shots, and eclectic ideas like this one from their illusion/magic exhibit. Have fun!

Where to find it: 547 E Circle Dr, East Lansing, MI 48824

MSU Broad Art museum magician exhibit lansing family

Preuss Pets

The water fall and pond structure in the front entrance is reason enough to pick this place. Don’t forget about the Koi fish ponds, huge parrots and birds, tortoises, spiders, fish, and the list goes on. There’s also a really great full wall mural.

Where to find it: 1127 N Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48906

Preuss Pets Old Town Lansing Koi Fish pond kids

Granger Hill

Climb to the top of Granger Hill for a great view of the city and park. Your kids will love this birds eye view.

Where to find it: 1745 Granger Meadows Ln, Lansing, MI 48906

Granger Park Hill Lansing Kids

Curwood Castle

Castle = so lit! Plus there’s a lot more to do in Owosso. Coffee, great food, suspension bridge, boutique shops, and a FREE art museum next door.

Where to find it: 224 Curwood Castle Dr, Owosso, MI 48867

Curwood Castle Owosso

ARTPath – Lansing River Trail

See and interact with art all along the Lansing River Trail. Thanks to Lansing Art Gallery, artists were chosen to create pieces along the path. Bike, walk, run, or kayak for all of this goodness.

Where to find it: Turner Dodge House to Beech Street Bridge.

Artpath Downtown Lansing Art Gallery Kids Mural

Social Media Never Looked So Good

The best part of taking pictures is that they are memories made. We love helping families create times of bonding and see the city in a new way. If you have ideas of fun places to take pictures – aka spend time with family, we’d love to hear them. Send us a message or comment below with your ideas and we’ll check them out and post to our Instagram page.

Old Town Art Wall Kids Lansing Michigan

Oh by the way, follow us @lansingfamfun on instagram! We’d love to interact with you and share more ideas together on the road.