Places Where Kids Can Eat Out for FREE or Close to It

As a kid, eating out was so rare for our family. I was in my 20’s when I first experienced Vietnamese Pho’! I can imagine it was tough for my parents to take 4 growing kids out to eat. At the time we were dialing up to check our AOL and I was paging friends from my long coiled wall phone. It’s a safe bet to say they didn’t know that kids-eat-free specials even existed!

Kids Eat Free in Lansing Nola Bistro

Now, as a parent myself, it has been awesome showing my own kids the delicious food choices Lansing has to offer.

Kids can try Pho’ at Nola Bistro, get a mini stack of pancakes at Good Truckn’ Diner, experience funky-fun masa creations at Punk Taco, and sit under the stars at El Azteco East and it’s all under $5!

Still, cooking at home is always better on the budget. However, it’s not always possible with the busy schedules we lead. Our kids have sports practices and games, plays and performances, holidays and celebrations, and the list goes on. So, we’ve made a list of places that won’t break the bank on those last minute food runs, or planned nights out.

So, get your FREE on, Lansing!

El Azteco Kids Eat Free Greater Lansing

Our List Includes Places Where Kids with Food Allergies Can Eat Free, Too

No child is left out in Lansing. Kids with food allergies – you eat free too!

In our family, the first priority when choosing a place to dine out is making sure it’s safe for my son’s food allergy needs. This can be tricky and scary sometimes. Thankfully, some of the below-listed restaurants go the extra mile when it comes to food allergies.

We’ve made sure to add a blue star next to the places that cater to kids with food allergies. 

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Lansing Kids Can Eat FREE


Let’s face it, we can’t get a good latte for much less than $5 anymore. It’s a big deal these days when kids can eat a whole meal for FREE or close to it. We are lucky to have a plethora of fun options in Lansing and some are even allergy friendly!

We’ve researched and made a list of restaurants in the Greater Lansing area that offer FREE or cheap kids meals. These awesome places range from chains to local favorites. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. Please verify with the restaurants before you go.

  • Applebees Grill & Bar

    Tuesday – Kids eat for $0.99 on the hungry menu and $1.99 on the very hungry menu.

    Locations: South Lansing and Okemos

    Tuesday – Kids eat for $1.99 on the hungry menu and $2.99 on the very hungry menu.

    Locations: East Lansing and Charlotte

  • Bob Evans

    Tuesday – Kids eat FREE with purchase of adult meal starting at 4PM. Dine-in only and one-to-one meal ratio.

    Locations: South Lansing, West Lansing, and Dewitt

  • Buddies Pub & Grill

    Monday – Kids eat FREE with adult meal purchase from 4PM – 7PM.

    Location: Holt

    Monday and Tuesday – 2 FREE kids meals with an adult meal purchase.

    Location: East Lansing

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

    Wednesdays and Sundays – Kids eat for $2.49 when you dine-in.

    Locations: West Lansing and East Lansing

  • Bravo

    Daily – Kids Create-Your-Own Pasta for $4.95.

    Location: Eastwood Towncenter

  • Claddagh’s Irish Pub

    Sunday – Kids eat FREE until 3PM with an adult purchase. Ages 10 and under.

    Location: Eastwood Towncenter

  • Cracker Barrel

    Daily – Kids eat breakfast under $4 and lunch under $5.50.

    Locations: Lansing and Okemos

  • The Creole

    Sunday – Kids eat FREE after 3pm.

    Daily- Kids eat for $5.99 on the kids menu.

    Location: Old Town Lansing

  • The Cosmos

    Sunday- Kids eat a FREE kids pizza with purchase of any gourmet pizza. Dine-in only. Kids 12 years old and under.

    Location: Old Town Lansing

  • Culvers

    Daily – Kids eat a FREE scoop of custard with each kids meal purchase.

    Locations: All greater Lansing locations.

  • Denny’s

    Tuesday – Kids eat FREE from 4PM – 10PM.

    Locations: West Lansing, East Lansing, and Grand Ledge

  • El Azteco

    Daily- Kids eat for $4 on the kids menu plus FREE chips and salsa for the whole table.

    Location: East Lansing

  • Fazoli’s

    Tuesday – Kids eat for $0.99 from 5PM – 8PM.

    Location: South Lansing

  • Finley’s Grill & Smokehouse

    Monday and Tuesday – Kids eat FREE from 4PM – close.

    Locations: South Lansing and Jackson

  • Good Truck’n Diner

    Daily – Kids eat for $4 all day till close at 3PM.

    Location: ReoTown Lansing

  • Grand Traverse Pie Company

    Daily – Kids eat for $4 on the kids menu.

    Locations: All Greater Lansing locations.

  • IHOP

    Daily – Kids eat FREE from 4PM – 10PM.

    Location: East Lansing

  • Logan’s Roadhouse

    Wednesday – Kids eat FREE all day.

    Location: West Lansing

  • Los Tres Amigos

    Sunday – Kids eat for $1.99 all day.

    Locations: All Greater Lansing locations.

  • McAlister’s Deli

    Tuesday- Kids eat FREE with any adult meal purchase starting at 5PM.

    Location: Eastwood Towncenter

  • Nip n’ Sip

    Daily- Kids can choose options like a coney dog for $1.35 or build their own burger for $1.95. The whole family can eat for under $5 a piece.

    Location: North Lansing

  • Nola Bistro

    Daily – Kids eat for $5.99 on the kids menu.

    Location: West Lansing

  • Olive Garden

    Daily – Kids eat for $5.99.

    Location: Okemos

  • Outback Steakhouse

    Daily – Kids eat Grilled Cheese-a-roo – $5.45 and Mac-a-roo and Cheese – $5.99.

    Locations: All Greater Lansing locations.

  • P.F. Chang’s

    Daily – Kids eat for $5.95 or under.

    Location: Eastwood Towncenter

  • Picnic A Food Truck

    Daily- Kids eat for $5 on the kids menu.

    Location: Check each to see where they are parked today.

  • Punk Taco

    Daily – Kids eat for $3.50 on the kids menu.

    Location: Old Town Lansing

  • Relli’s Sports Bar

    Sunday – Kids eat for $1.29 with an adult meal purchase.

    Location: DeWitt

  • Red Robin

    Daily – Kids eat for $5.95 or under.

    Location: West Lansing

  • Stake’n Shake

    Saturday and Sunday – Kids eat FREE all day.

    Locations: South Lansing and West Lansing

  • Subway

    Daily – Kids eat for $4.49. Includes Sandwich, Apples, Milk.

    Locations: All Greater Lansing locations.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Tuesdays – Kids eat FREE from 4 to close.

    Location: South Lansing

  • Qdoba

    Wednesday – Burrito’s are $4.95. Feed the whole family for $5 a piece.

    Location: West Lansing

  • Zatoon Mediterranean Restaurant

    Daily – Kids eat for $4.99. Choose from Chicken Shawarma, Shish Kafta, and Falafel. Ages 8 and under.

    Locations: West Lansing and Holt

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Where Do Your Kids Love Eating Out in Lansing?

Did we miss something? Have a place to add where kids eat free that your kiddos love? Comment below and we’ll get it on the list for more families to enjoy. Happy Dining!