Michigan Made the List – Your Week in Pre-View! April 16 – 23


Michigan Made the List!

Michigan’s Oval Beach made Travelzoo’s list of “12 Beaches You Need in Your Life: No passport required.” How many have you been to on this list?

They’re right – Michigan beaches are truly the best! With over 3,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, we could add many more to that list, even with the erosion that has occurred over the winter!

As we all do our part by staying home and beach days aren’t an option right now, there’s no harm in making a bucket list for the future, right?

Will you join me in making a “Most Beloved Michigan Beaches list?”

Here are my top 5 Michigan beaches

1. Silver Beach – St. Joe


2. Bay City State Park – Bay City


3. Holland State Park / Tunnel Park I’m looping together since our fam can’t seem to go to one without the other – Holland


4. North Beach (Especially during the Blueberry Festival!) – South Haven


5. Ludington State Park – Ludington


What are yours?!

Let’s make our own collaborative big list shall we?!

Cheers to dreaming of the future!

~ Carla

Highlights for The Week

April 16 – 23

Some Things to Know

I’m a total nerd for tidbits and fun-facts. Here are some positive things you may like to know, helpful hints, and ways to de-stress.


Michigan Adventure: or Cedar Point membership holders – your membership is still good for 2021!

SGN: (Some good news) about Detroit – 6 positive stories…to keep spirits up.

How: Moms Can Take Care of Themselves During Stay-at-Home Orders.

Don’t: do the potato face like this lady did! Try these awesome zoom meeting backgrounds instead. 😆 😉

Set Up: your zoom background. Start at 3:30 to learn how to set up the above photos.

Something to Do

We can’t “go” – but we can “do.” Here are are a few ideas to integrate throughout the week to help it go by with a little more ease.

Image Source: artifactuprising.com

Try: these creative and clever ways to keep in touch with friends like sending photo post cards and more! Coffee date anyone?!

“Go”: to one of these virtual events.

Make: these cardboard craft ideas!

Take: a virtual tour through Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

Change: it up and try a date night in your mini-van (or vehicle of choice!)

Something to Smile About

We could all use more to smile about. This is my favorite section each week because I really enjoy finding funny or fun things but this week was a little different.

I did smile. However, reading this first ‘smileable’ had me almost in tears. It was great to hear the way patients are effected so positively by this one act of kindness. #passthetissue

Image Source: hyperallergic.com

Smile: “the way you would to your patients” is part of the PPE Portrait Project created by Mary Beth Heffernan to help patients feel less alone.

Put: on your wedding dress or fancy gown, your tux, or a random outfit and have some fun like these people did doing chores like mowing the lawn and more.

If only: I would have kept my trolls from the 90s I could have done this succulent project! Oh by the way, have you seen Trolls World Tour yet?

Pic of the Week

Planting a Garden with your kids makes you happy because of microbes in the soil and it may just be the “dirt therapy” we need throughout this time! Scroll down this article to read about it.


Talk to you Next Week, LFF Community!

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