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I was skeptical when I first heard that Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) was offering family-friendly art Saturdays (10a-3p.) For me, a former chemistry teacher, art museums conjured images of guards, large, quiet rooms, and walls upon walls of pictures that are hard to understand.

BUT- The Grand Rapids Art Museum has invested countless hours of thought and preparation to demolish that stodgy reputation.

GRAM staff have outfitted the lower level of the Art Museum with kid-friendly workstations. Lest you think this is a glorified craft area, all family art activities offered by the GRAM are related to something on exhibit.

The idea is that you will start by spending some time in the gallery with your family experiencing art and then wind your way to the lower level on a Saturday afternoon where you and your family can create based on what you have seen and learned. There is even a low table for those youngsters that do better creating without a chair!

From Grand Rapids Art Museum

Each month there is a new theme and the stations families participate in change to accommodate the theme. This is a great way to help bring art to life and get kids (and their parents!) involved with art.

Here are some helpful hints to make the most of your visit:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for ask for help. People here are kind and are ready to enhance your experience.
  • Pre-print an activity guide or pick one up from the staff to help guide your trip.
  • Plan on spending about a half hour looking at art on exhibit. Pick (5) pieces that will engage your kids and focus on those.  We looked for things that were really big and/or really bright!
  • Plan on spending about an hour in the lower level interacting with the art .
  • As a family friendly facility, children of all ages are welcome! Elevators and ramps are easy for families with strollers and baby changing stations are available in many restrooms.

You may also be interested to learn that the GRAM offers Summer Art Camp.

Enjoy your visit!

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