60+ Quarantine Bubble Christmas Gift Ideas to Help Your Family Make it Through January, February & March in Michigan & the Midwest

what to ask for for christmas

Put These Items on Your Christmas Gifts Idea List to Make January, February, & March More Fun

If you’re like me, you like winter for a few days and then you are OVER it.

Tack on the uncertainty of a midwest winter during a pandemic — with kids — and we are at a new level of everything. We anticipate needing to hunker down and stay close for extended periods of time this winter, with limited visiting.

That’s why, this year, I’m using the holiday gift-giving season to ask for (and give) items that I think will help Michigan families make it through the upcoming COVID winter and stock my quarantine bubble for a long three months.

Our team polled Michigan moms and dads to find out exactly what they were hoping to get for Christmas this year. The result? A fantastic list of the most perfect things to ask for for Christmas this year for the whole family.

Table of Contents

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KIDS: Indoor Movement Ideas »
KIDS: Indoor Crafty Ideas »
KIDS: Dress for the Outdoors »
KIDS: Gear & Toys for Outside Play »
ADULT Coffee & Self-Care »
FAMILY Board Games, by Age »

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Big Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

With vacations canceled and 2020 pretty much being the opposite of what we all envisioned in January, it’s time to say, “Good riddance,” with a bang.

Gather up that unspent vacation money and splurge on one of these bigger items to help with the winter blues.

Soak in a hot tub, buy your own family dome escape, sweat in a sauna, or finally get that trampoline.

Christmas Gift Idea: OUTDOOR FIRE PIT

How about enjoying a Michigan campfire in your own backyard, all year long?

Even when it’s snowy, an outdoor firepit can be a fun and safe way to hang out with neighbors. Choose from portable wood-burning fire pits to more decorative, semi-permanent gas-burning styles.

Why It’s Great:

Small wood-burning pits can easily be moved to different locations within your own yard, or take it to a friend’s.

Christmas Gift Idea: HOT TUB

What Is It?

Your own little oasis in your backyard. Grab your favorite drink and relax away the winter blues. We did find inflatable hot tubs on Amazon, but they sadly aren’t made for freezing temperatures.

Why It’s Great:

In addition to the therapeutic benefits, the soak in hot water in the middle of a cold winter is especially nice.


Pro Tip:

Make sure you choose a trampoline that can stand up to our frigid Michigan winters without rusting or breaking. We have a Spring Free Trampoline and it has held up wonderfully through four Michigan winters so far. The kids love jumping on it in their snow pants and shoveling off all of the snow.

Why It’s Great:

A great energy burner for kids! And large ones like this are fun for adults, too. Another nice thing – you can set trampolines any time of year, unlike swing sets that need to be anchored into the ground with cement.

Christmas Gift Idea: SWING SET

Pro Tip:

Make sure your swing set is properly weather-treated to survive Michigan winters. Some swings are not made to withstand snow and ice. Also, get a swing set that is rated for adult use.

Our tween daughter is the size of a small adult and still loves to climb around on the monkey bars and swing from time to time. I’d hate to have to tell her that “she’s too big” to use the playset – I’m glad ours is rated for adults. If you hurry, you can still get a swing set installed before the ground freezes.

Why It’s Great:

Sending my kids outside to their own little playground is a life-saver. Depending on your budget and space, you can purchase a simple set with just swings or more deluxe sets with a slide, climber, and more. You can find wooden, metal, or plastic swing sets.


What Is It?

Electric fireplaces heat up a room without any of the dangers of real fire. They come in varying sizes, styles, and price points. Some are freestanding and others are made to be inserted into a real fireplace.

Why It’s Great:

Families without a fireplace can still enjoy the glow and warmth of a fire. Heat up just the room you’re in rather than your whole house. Some can have the heat turned off so you can the crackle (without the heat) in the summer, too.


What is It?

A sauna experience in your own home!

Why It’s Great:

While expensive, this splurge is a great way to warm the bones and lift depression. One of our team members says, “I think my husband is hoping it will eventually stop us from needing to travel so much in the winter for sunshine destinations, so in his mind, it’s the cheaper option.”


Christmas Gift Idea: OUTDOOR WINTER DOME

What Is It?

This PVC dome provides a warm place to enjoy being outside. Move your patio furniture inside of it and don’t let the frigid Michigan temperatures stop you from eating outside.

One of our team members went in together with her parents to get a clear dome tent for the winter. They plan to spend a lot of time out in it drinking warm beverages and eating meals together this winter. They are even putting in a ground cover to help keep the warmth in.

Note: These are in high demand. If you find one, snag it. Keep searching on Amazon and FB Marketplace and you might find a good deal.

Why It’s Great:

This dome also works as a greenhouse. Grow your favorite foods all year! They can also give your kids a safe, enclosed space to play.

Christmas Gift Idea: PATIO HEATER

What Is It?

Bring the restaurant patio experience to your home! A portable patio heater may be powered by propane or electricity. Choose the option that works best for your space. They also come in a variety of heights and heat output ratings. Plan to spend between $100-$400 on this splurge.

Why It’s Great:

This is one way to make your outdoor space more inviting during the shoulder seasons in Michigan, and even cool summer evenings.


Pandemic or not, we typically spend most of the winter hibernating at home.

Having a wide range of crafts on hand is a great way to prevent boredom.


What Is It?

Order a one-time box or subscribe to a year of themed activity boxes. Having fun products to look forward to receiving every month helps make long winters more bearable. We like Crate Joy because there is a huge variety of boxes (for all ages & interests!) and they have a good review system on their site.

*Some boxes have special offer promo codes listed on their pages – don’t forget to check for those!

Some of our favorite boxes for kids:

  • Club Scikidz Labs: Engaging lab kits for aspiring scientists and engineers, age 7+, fun for the whole family. Every box includes an exclusive lab notebook containing micro-experiments, quotes, riddles, and scientists who inspire!
  • THiNK OUTSiDE BOXESGet your kids away from a screen and outside exploring nature, encouraging a life of learning. Your first box comes with a lightweight packable daypack your child can use for outdoor adventures. You choose your color.
  • My First Reading Club: We Ship 3 Hard Cover Age-Appropriate Books, an Activity Book, and a Gift for Mom. 5 Distinct Age Groups. Choose whichever group fits your reader best, ages newborn to 12 years old.
  • KidArtLitChildren’s art kit meets storytime – engaging children’s books with interactive themed projects. Frustration-free, open-ended projects specifically designed for children ages 3-8 years old.
  • We Craft Box: Give the Gift of Creativity! Prepared monthly kids’ crafts delivered to your doorstep, curated for ages 3-9 years. All materials included (except for scissors) and can be shared between 2 children.

Christmas Gift Idea: PLAY-DOH

Pro Tip: Give each child a cafeteria-style lunch tray or a sheet of wax paper to contain their Play-Doh. Empty the tray or wad up the wax paper when they’re done for easy clean-up.

Why It’s Great: It’s a classic for a reason. Stash a few cans in the back of a closet for a refresh a few months down the road. Kids build their fine motor skills by rolling and shaping the dough. It also develops creativity by encouraging them to use their imagination to build new sculptures. And if you’re like me and make Play-Doh time scarce, it will entertain the kids for hours when they get to play with it.

For: Ages 2 and up.


What Is It? The cute little animals have fuzzy white coats that kids can decorate with the included washable markers.

Why It’s Great: Kids love to color things that aren’t paper. These animals easily wash clean so kids can color them over and over.

For: Ages 3-6

Christmas Gift Idea: STRING ART

What Is It? Just push pins into the foam canvases and string away, no hammer or nails needed.

Why It’s Great: The box comes with everything you need to complete the project and there are quite a few different patterns available. Kids can copy the patterns or create their own designs. Once completed, you will have a cool piece of art to display.

PLUS Ann Williams Group is a small, Michigan based, woman-owned company.

For: Most projects are geared toward kids ages 8-15 years old.

string art

Christmas Gift Idea: ROCK PAINTING KIT

What Is It? Paint fun designs on rocks and then hide them around your community for others to find. Make sure to use waterproof paint if you want to hide your rocks outdoors. Search Facebook for Rock Hiding groups in your area. Here’s a link to Grand Rapids Rocks! #GRrocks to get you started.

Why It’s Great: Kids will have so much coming up with new designs and new hiding places. This kit even has “tattoos” for the rocks and tracking stickers to follow your rock’s journey! This is a fun project for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Ages: 6 to 96, or so says the box.

Christmas Gift Idea: MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP KIT

What Is It? This kit comes with molds, colors, fragrance, and everything else kids need to make their own fun soaps.

Why It’s Great: Kids will love all the different colors and shapes they can make. This is one kit that older kids enjoy. Once the soap is made, you can use it yourself or gift it.

For: This is a fun project for older kids (8+) or parents to do with younger kids.

Christmas Gift Idea: STICKER MOSAIC

What Is It? It’s color-by-number, but with pictures with stickers! Options include sticker books or cardboard cutouts.

Why It’s Great: Parents can find kits in varying levels of difficulty. Some have larger stickers for toddlers and others have smaller stickers for older kids. This is a great way to build fine motor skills. Also great for the car.

For: Ages 3 and up – see individual kit details, as they are geared toward specific ages/audiences.

Christmas Gift Idea: KINETIC SAND

What Is It? Kinetic Sand is very similar to Playdough – except that it’s colored sand. But it’s sand that is not supposed to get all over your clean kitchen floors since it sticks to itself. (We recommend playing with it in a tub or on a tray, just in case!)

Why It’s Great: Kinetic Sand never dries out so kids of all ages can create with it over and over again. You can purchase sand in different colors and also get different molds to really up your sand play.

For: Ages 3-10


Indoor Movement: Things to Ask for for Christmas that Get Kids Moving

When the freezing temperatures really take hold of West Michigan, it can be harder to send the kids outside to play.

Use this list to find plenty of ways for the kids to burn off energy while staying indoors.

You’ll find a full range of items to bring into your bubble: everything from swings that you can set up in your basement to indoor gyms, to smaller active toys on this Christmas wish list.

Maybe ask some of the grandparents for some of these items for Christmas?

Christmas Gift Idea: STEPPING STONES

What Is It? These rubber-gripped steps in varying sizes can be used outdoors or indoors, on any type of floor surface.

Why It’s Great: Kids can create obstacle courses, play “The Floor is Lava,” and any other game they can think of. They are great for developing balance and coordination.

For: Kids ages 3 – 7

Hint: Prices for this set can really fluctuate on Amazon. Shop different brands if this set is trending high.


What Is It? This collection brings the fun of a swing set inside your house. Each piece installs into a standard doorway that has trim at least on the top. This kit comes with a swing, ladder, rope, trapeze, and rings.

Why It’s Great: This is a fantastic option for families who live in apartments or condos – or for everyone who doesn’t have the space or budget for an outdoor swing set or who wants an option for indoor play when the weather is inhospitable. Pieces can be rotated so kids don’t get bored.

For: Ages 3 to adult, supports up to 300 pounds

Christmas Gift Idea: INDOOR BALL PIT

Pro Tip: Indoor ball pits come in many variations and configurations, including inflatable ball pits, those made from fabric, or memory foam. The balls are usually sold separately. If the size of this particular ball pit doesn’t work for you be sure to check for a larger or smaller version. This version takes about 500 balls to fill.

Why It’s Great: Who doesn’t love being buried in balls? Add a small slide to the set-up and you’ve got a great time. It also folds up into a small case for storage.

For: Toddlers and little kids ages 1-5.

Christmas Gift Idea: FORT BUILDING KIT

What Is It? Fort building kits come with balls and connecting rods to build any kind of structure you can imagine. It’s a great way to inspire little engineers and architects and comes with a booklet to teach you how to build different structures. Add your own sheets or blankets and you’re all set!

Why It’s Great: This is a fantastic STEM toy for kids. And finally, a way to make an amazing fort without using every chair and couch cushion in the house!

For: Kids ages 5 and over can handle this kit themselves. Younger kids will need adult assistance.

Pro Tip: For those long winter days and nights, decorate the inside of your favorite fort creation with LED fairy lights and let the kids sleep over inside of the fort. Maybe even create a book nook in there and leave the fort up for longer!

Christmas Gift Idea: INDOOR GYM

What Is It? These free-standing, mountable structures are another way to bring the playground inside your house.

Why It’s Great: Keep the kids swinging, climbing, sliding, and playing – without having to put on all of the snow gear – throughout the entire winter.

For: Kids and toddlers starting at 24 months of age. Check the model you’re interested in – some are even appropriate for adult use.

Christmas Gift Idea: SMALL SOCCER GOAL

What is It? Give kids a chance to practice their hand-eye (or foot-eye!) coordination indoors this year.

Why It’s Great: No assembly required and folds down for storage. It comes with a very small ball.

For: Ages 2 -4. Toddlers and little kids who are just starting to learn the game of soccer

Christmas Gift Idea: SIT ‘N SPIN

What Is It? This is a classic. Kids sit on the platform and use the wheel in the middle to spin themselves silly. It’s their own personal spinning teacup ride!

Why It’s Great: It’s really easy to use. Kids catch on within seconds of sitting on this thing. Plus, this toy is marketed to little kids … but as long as they can squeeze themselves on it, kids will keep playing with it. It’s easy to spin and very durable. Plus it encourages balance, coordination, and motor skills.

For: Toddlers to little kids, ages 18 months – 5 years old.


Pro Tip: Make sure screws and corners are properly padded so they don’t damage your door. Some versions can also be hung on the wall. Determine where you would like to hang this hoop before purchasing.

Why It’s Great: It’s really easy to assemble and comes with mini basketballs and a pump.

For: Everyone, not just basketball players, can have friendly family competitions right at home. If you can toss a ball, you can play with this set.

Christmas Gift Idea: DREAM BED TENT

What Is It? This is a popup tent that goes over your bed. These bed tents create spaces that let you control the amount of privacy you want at the moment: open all 4 doors for an open feeling or close them all up for a cave-like experience.

Why It’s Great: Here’s a way to give your child (or yourself!) some private space. If you’re living in close quarters and spending a lot of time at home, it can be really hard to get some alone time. This tent is a great way to create privacy in shared bedrooms. Create darkness for better naps and wake with natural ambient light.

For: Anyone (adult or child) that sleeps in a twin bed or larger, bunk beds included. Those with sensory needs may also find this bed tent to be helpful in sensory regulation.

Christmas Gift Idea: PLAY TENT

Pro Tip: There are so many different styles, patterns and designs of play tents available, from tunnels, teepees, playhouses, and more available on Amazon.

Why This Model is Great: It’s adorable, easy to assemble, and it comes with accessories. A floor mat, string lights, and decorative feathers are part of the package. The tent’s entry flaps have a Velcro closure, and there’s a peekaboo window on the side of the tent. On the inside, there are pockets that could easily hold books or small toys.

For: Ages 18 months – 7 years

Christmas Gift Idea: INDOOR BOUNCE HOUSE

Pro Tips: The blowers can be quite loud so be prepared for that. Air leakages at the seams are necessary so the bounce house doesn’t overinflate. Be sure to measure your interior space and compare it to the model you’re interested in.

Why It’s Great: Kids can bounce off all that extra winter energy without having to be bundled up. These are also great for birthday parties. Some can be used outdoors as well in warmer weather.

For: Ages 3 – 8 for most models

bounce house


Pro Tip:  Look for a coupon before checking out. Use on carpeting so it doesn’t slide out from underneath little feet.

Why It’s Great: The wobble balance board can be so much more than a balancing toy. In fact, the only limit to the uses of this balance board is your child’s imagination – it can be a toy tunnel, rocker, bridge, car, and so much more. Some people use it as part of their yoga practice, too. It can hold up to 480 pounds.

For: Ages 3 to adult

Christmas Gift Idea: GYM MAT

What Is It? These 6 feet-long, 2-inch thick mats are just like what the P.E. teachers used to drag out during gym class. They are great for providing extra cushioning for the kids – and adults – for yoga, aerobics, tumbling, and more.

Why It’s Great: They are easy to clean and fold up for easy storage.

For: All ages


Pro Tip: This 9′ long foam balance beam is best for beginner gymnaststics students. 

Why It’s Great: It’s light enough for the kids to move around. Use it as another great addition to the ultimate obstacle course!

For: Young kids and early gymnasts to develop their balance and coordination.


What Is It? Go Noodle’s website is filled with short videos to help kids burn energy as well as others that teach mindfulness.

Why It’s Great: It’s free and it’s great for a short dance party break!

Sidenote: Go Noodle isn’t something that you can buy or gift, but we love it so much we had to include it here. Maybe give your kids or grandkids the gift of working Go Noodle breaks into your daily routine – and dance with them. That’ll be something they surely remember!

go noodle


Family Game Night is a Blast for Everyone. Here’s What to Play

We know it’s not easy to find the energy for game night sometimes, but it’s worth digging deep to make game night happen.

Be adventurous and find some new games to your repertoire to spice things up. There’s so much more than Candy Land and Monopoly out there these days, and today’s new games are GOOD!

Also, consider decking out your basement with some game room fun, like GIANT Connect Four, Darts, Ladder Ball, Foosball, Air Hockey, and more.


In west Michigan, we love winter sports as much as we love water ones. From skiing to snowboarding, there are so many ways to have fun in the snow.

Ski passes make a great gift and are an economical way to hit the slopes often.

We compiled a list of the best places to sled, ski, skate, and more.

Christmas Gift Idea: SLED

Pro Tip: Climbing back to the top of the sledding hill is a lot easier with a sled that has a rope on it to pull along behind you rather than having to carry it in your arms. Get your sled before the snow falls this year – we predict sleds will be in short supply this year!

Why It’s Great: Sleds come in all different sizes so everyone can enjoy it! Some infant sleds even have a safety strap inside of them for little sledders.


Christmas Gift Idea: HEADLAMP FOR KIDS

Pro Tip: 

Most adult headlamps can be adjusted down to fit kids’ heads.

Why It’s Great:

As it gets darker earlier throughout the winter, kids can stay outside longer when they can light their own way. Also great for evening hikes.

Christmas Gift Idea: SNOWSHOES

Pro Tips: Choose snowshoes that have a heel lift to assist with incline climbing in order to avoid blisters.

Why It’s Great: Snowshoes are great for continuing to hike the trails in the winter without sinking into the snow.

For: Little kids to adults, although little kids will have a hard time keeping up with everyone. Consider pulling really small kids in a sled if you’re going to be out for a while.


Christmas Gift Idea: SNOWMAN KIT

What Is It?

Kids will be even more inspired to go out and build a snowman when they have all the right accessories for him, from the black felt top to the carrot nose and everything in between.

Why It’s Great:

Each piece has long, sturdy prongs so they go in easily and don’t fall off.

Christmas Gift Idea: SNOW PLAY KIT

What Is It?

Build an epic snowfort with a snow play kit!

Why It’s Great:

Kids will spend more than five minutes in the snow when they can make snow bricks for their fort and then spray it different colors. PLUS you can also use it at the beach in the summer to build and decorate sand castles.

Christmas Gift Idea: SNOW TUBE

What Is It?

Snow tubing is a fun alternative to sledding. Take the tube to the sledding hill and soar down on it instead.

Why It’s Great:

Snow tubes are softer and faster than sleds.

Christmas Gift Idea: YAKTRAX

What Is It?

YakTrax slip over your normal shoes to provide extra traction for walking through the snow and ice.

Why It’s Great:

Perfect for a quick walk or running errands on slippery days. They are also great for walking through trails when there isn’t enough snow for snowshoeing.


What Is It? Cross-country skiing is a non-motorized way to get outside and enjoy winter. Many local golf courses and parks will allow cross-country skiing, often for free. We recommend going to an outfitter like Bill and Paul’s to be fitted for cross-country skis and to get your skis mounted or order a complete package online.

Why It’s Great: Cross-country skiing is great exercise and allows you to access parts of parks and woods that are otherwise hard to reach in the winter.

For: Ages 6 – 13.


The most important part of surviving a Michigan winter is ensuring you have the proper snow gear. The real trick to making winter fun in Michigan is mastering the art of layering. Keep the base layer, the layer closest to the skin, something that is NOT made out of cotton and you’re one step closer to having a blast even when it’s freezing outside. More on how to dress for winter, here.

We’ve picked some of our favorite kid winter gear items that we know hold up under the Michigan winters.

Christmas Gift Idea: BOGS WINTER BOOTS

Pro Tip: Bogs makes rain boots as well as INSULATED winter boots. Be sure you are buying the insulated variety and these will be your go-to boots for fall, winter, and spring.

Why It’s Great: These boots that open wide enough for kids to get their feet in by themselves and come with handles that help the kids pull them on and off on their own, too.  BOGS are nice and warm boots for Michigan winters as well as truly waterproof. They also have a great tread.

Christmas Gift Idea: 32 DEGREES LONG UNDERWEAR

What Is It? Long underwear can be either pants or a long-sleeved shirt and they are NOT made out of cotton, but rather, from a lightweight, moisture-wicking material. They are a critical part of learning how to dress for Michigan weather – your base layer is what will make you feel wet or dry.

Why It’s Great: We love 32 Degrees Long Underwear because it is thin yet warm and not scratchy. It’s a base layer that wicks moisture, retains warmth, and keeps in the heat.

Pro Tip: Costco also carries this brand and usually puts it on sale at some point, too. Also, long underwear layered under fleece pajamas, worn under snow gear make a perfectly acceptable outdoor play outfit for kids and may be preferable for some heading out for a day on the ski slopes.

long underwear


Pro Tip: Some snow pants get wet very easily. That’s usually the case with the economy snow pant varieties. In that case, you may want to purchase two pairs so that you can dry the snowpants out between play sessions. Otherwise, if you buy snow pants intended for a ski hill, you’ll find they are more water-resistant and better at keeping the wearer dry.

Bib-style snowpants are preferred by some kids because they are warmer and don’t feel tight around the waist. Look for snowpants with reinforced knees to help ensure they make it through the whole season.

Why It’s Great: We like Boulder Gear snow pants because they are comfortable for kids to wear, adjustable length, and hold up well to wetness and wear and tear. They keep legs dry for playing outside in the snow as well as keep them warm when it’s really cold.

snow pants

Christmas Gift Idea: GREEN GLOVE DRYER

What Is It? An easy, economical way to get your gloves dried, faster. The EcoDryer goes over your forced air register, no tools or electricity needed. Put gloves, mittens, hats, or even boots over each nozzle and the hot air dries them from the inside out.

Why It’s Great: Warm, dry winter gear in just a few hours! The EcoDryer is also perfect to dry sports equipment and helps to prevent mold and bacteria buildup.

COOL: Made in the USA and founded by a Michigan mom!

Christmas Gift Idea: KIDS SNOW GLOVES or MITTENS

Pro Tip:

Buy at least 2 (or 3 or 4) pairs of gloves per kid in October. Then when they inevitably lose a glove in January, when stores have switched over to their summer stock, you have another pair all ready to go.

Buy mittens for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers so they don’t have to figure out how to separate their fingers into each hole.

Why It’s Great: The Long Cuff mittens we show here come with a string, making it easier to keep track of both mittens – while also keeping the snow from sneaking up coat sleeves.

Thicker, waterproof gloves are necessary for playing in the snow. Look for a pair of gloves with a zipper pocket that accepts handwarmer packets for extra warmth.

Christmas Gift Idea: LAND’S END WINTER COAT – BOYS

Pro Tip: Consider buying a coat that runs a little large so your son *might* be able to wear it for two years.

Why It’s Great: Land’s End winter coats are very warm, non-bulky coats. They are well-made and typically can last for more than one season.


Pro Tip: Consider buying a coat that runs a little large so your daughter can wear it for two years.

Why It’s Great: Land’s End winter coats are very warm, non-bulky coats. They are well-made and typically can last for more than one season. Their snow pants perform well, too. *Grand Rapids now has a Lands End store. Check them out for their kids’ snow gear.

Christmas Gift Idea: KIDS HAT WITH EAR FLAPS

Pro Tip: Look for a hat that also has a chin strap for infants and toddlers. It may help keep the hat on their head a little longer.

Why It’s Great: Protects the ears as well as the head from the wind and cold


Essentials for that Coffee Life

How can something so caffeinated be so calming? As soon as you grab that first steaming cup in the morning, you just know that everything will be okay that day.

When covid hit, many area coffee shops pivoted, closing communal gathering areas and changing the way we get – and drink – our coffee.

When the snow is too deep or you just can’t make it out to your favorite java haunt, here are some handy tools to have at home to help you get your day started with a nice steaming cup of joe.

Christmas Gift Idea: MICRO MILK FROTHER

What Is It?

If you love fancy coffees, you definitely want a milk forther. It quickly heats up milk for lattes or flat whites for cappuccinos or macchiato. No more bundling up to get your Starbucks fix!

Why It’s Great:

This micro milk frother can heat up any kind of milk, not just skim. Plus you can also just heat up milk for hot chocolate.

Christmas Gift Idea: KEURIG FROTHER

What Is It?

If your more of one-cup-at-a-time kind of coffee drinker, Keurig has you covered. With this deluxe machine, you can froth your own milk right on the side of the brewer – plus it makes lattes and cappuccino as well as coffee and hot chocolate.

Why It’s Great:

You can do everything all with one unit. The frother is top rack dishwasher safe.


What Is It? A subscription box for coffee?!? Yes, please! Sign up for a monthly coffee-themed subscription box with Crate Joy and have something to look forward every month.

Why It’s Great: A wide variety of themed coffee crates means that there is something for every coffee lover here. Some coffee crates also come with snacks or treats, and others help support a good cause.

Christmas Gift Idea: PANDEMIC COFFEE MUG

What Is It?

Enjoy your home-brewed, frothy coffee in a brand new mug. You will definitely want to add this dumpster fire coffee mug to your list of things to ask for for Christmas.

Why It’s Great:

New coffee mugs every few months is always fun. I like to rotate mine out so I always have room in the cupboard for my new ones.

Other Essentials

As much as we love coffee, we’ll need more than that to help us survive a covid winter. 

We have put together a list of things you need to give yourself a spa day, practice mindfulness, indulge in light therapy, and more.

Christmas Gift Idea: TEA INSTEAD OF COFFEE?

What Is It? Drink tea, not coffee? This is a lovely tea sampler for the winter. You can even get adventurous and make tea flavor combos to help get you through the longest of winter days.

Why It’s Great: It’s good quality tea and it comes in a nice storage box. Multiple flavors give you a chance to sample and see which tea you like best.

Christmas Gift Idea: MANICURE KIT

What Is It?

When you can’t go to the salon, give yourself your own manicures and pedicures. These tools are stainless steel and includes everything you could possibly need for amazing nails.

Why It’s Great:

We all deserve some pampering, especially this winter. Or treat yourself to something from Olive & June.

Christmas Gift Idea: LIGHT THERAPY LAMP

What Is It?

Light therapy lamps provide “natural” sunlight to help fight winter blues.

Why It’s Great:

Natural sunlight is hard to come by during our long Michigan winters. These lamps are great for waking yourself up in the morning and keeping seasonal depression at bay.

Christmas Gift Idea: WEIGHTED BLANKET

What Is It?

Weighted blankets are therapeutic blankets that weigh between 5 to 30 pounds. The pressure from the extra weight mimics deep pressure stimulation. This can help to relieve pain, lessen anxiety, and improve mood.

Why It’s Great:

They can help calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep troubles. Plus the weight makes it harder for your spouse to steal the covers from you.

Christmas Gift Idea: MENS SOREL SLIPPERS

What Is It?

Durable, manly slippers.

Why It’s Great:

These slippers have enough heel coverage to stay in place, but low enough to be able to slip off and on without bending over.

Christmas Gift Idea: FLUFF YEAH SLIPPERS

What Is It?

Part slipper, part sandal, all amazing.

Why It’s Great:

The downy sheepskin feels amazing and the durable rubber sole means they can be worn outside. It also has Ugg’s signature platform heel – which is also wrapped in fluff.


What Is It?

Wake up to a more natural sunlight rather than a jarring alarm buzzer. The wake up light gradually increases and changes from a gentle red to a bright sunlight.

Why It’s Great:

This clock has many adjustable settings – plus a USB charging port. You can change the colors, fade in on volume level of the music, set two alarms, and more.

Christmas Gift Idea: LONG WINTER COAT

Pro Tip:
Moms need high quality winter coats, too!

Why It’s Great:

Enjoy the outdoors more when you’re properly insulated and warm!


What Is It?

Loose, comfortable clothing that’s also great for yoga.

Why It’s Great:

Comfy clothes that are kinda real clothes and kinda pajamas. Either way, they’re not jeans and that’s a win in my book.

Christmas Gift Idea: AT HOME FOOT SPA

What Is It?

Foot spas are little hot tubs for your feet. Soak your feet and roll them on massage rollers, all while enjoying jacuzzi-like bubbles.

Why It’s Great:

The warm spa alleviates stress in the feet – and keeps them warm. Get your (decaf) coffee and a book and have an amazing evening!

Christmas Gift Idea: BOOK: 52 LISTS FOR CALM

What Is It?

Do you like the idea of a mindfulness journal, but aren’t really sure where to start? This journal helps you create 52 lists (one for each week of the year) to help you learn to be present, look back, move forward, and release.

Why It’s Great:

Sitting down to work on your weekly list will give you some precious time to be calm and focus on yourself. It’s a great tool for people with anxiety – and for anyone who needs to focus on the positive and let go of the negative.


What Is It?

Bullet Journaling is a way to take thoughts out of your head and get them onto paper in a way that is organized and attractive – and soothing in the process.

To get started, you need a notebook with dotted grid paper and something to write with. We’ve personally used the items below and highly recommend them.

Why It’s Great:

Bullet Journaling is a great technique to try if you have racing thoughts or your mind is cluttered with too many to-do lists. It’s easy to get started but a few instructions can make the whole process easier.

Christmas Gift Idea: JOUR APP

What Is It?

If you like the idea of keeping a daily mindfulness journal, but pen & paper aren’t really your thing, this is the app for you. Jour gives users daily journal prompts as well as guided journeys.

Currently, this app is only available in the Apple store.

Why It’s Great:

All of your entries are completely private, so your eyes are the only eyes that can see what you journal about (even the developers don’t have access).

Christmas Gift Idea: BOOK: A GRACIOUS SPACE

What Is It?

This book of daily readings gives support and encouragement to home schooling parents. Each day’s reading includes a quote from a parent or notable individual and a sustaining thought to take with you through the day.

Why It’s Great:

One of our team members says, “They’re like a daily dose of homeschool comfort and were invaluable to me when I started homeschooling years ago.”

Christmas Gift Idea: EPSOM SALT

What Is It?

If you enjoy soaking in the bathtub,  you will definitely want some good epsom salts. Epsom salts dissolve into your bath to help soothe aches and sprains.

Why It’s Great:

While epsom salts are great for soothing sore muscles, scented epsom salts also up your relaxation experience.

Christmas Gift Idea: MEAT SMOKER

What Is It?

Popular with BBQ lovers, a smoker creates mouthwatering meals via indirect heat (smoke).

Why It’s Great:
A smoker cooks food low and slow for the ultimate flavor experience. You can even customize flavors by smoking with herbs and citrus peel. Enthusiasts also love the longer shelf life of these delicious dishes versus traditional grilling.

Christmas Gift Idea: BEER BREWING KIT

What Is It?

Make your own beer, right at home, without a lot of big expensive equipment. It only takes 30 minutes to brew your beer and is ready to drink in 3 – 4 weeks.

Why It’s Great:

When it’s cold to go out to a brewery, create an at-home date night and make your own beer. This kit comes with everything you need, except for water and other common kitchen items.

Christmas Gift Idea: MENS THERMAL SOCKS

Pro Tips:

Socks with ventilation channels are great to help prevent sweaty feet.

Why It’s Great:

Men’s feet get cold, too! One reviewer says, “It’s hard to get really fired up about socks, but I mean, if these were a pizza instead of socks, they would be a wicked good pizza, and I’d probably be more enthusiastic.”


Pro Tip:

You will literally laugh out loud as you read this book.

Why It’s Great:

This book is a hilarious look at the realities of parenting young children. It’s also safe for kids to read over your shoulder to see what’s so funny.


Pro Tip:

Try Audible and get two free audiobooks.

You can give a membership as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Why It’s Great:

Sometimes it’s just easier to listen to books instead of sitting down to read them. Plus, once you find narrators you like, you can search up more books read by the same narrator. It adds a whole new dimension to your book reading.


Pro Tip:

KDL patrons can use the Mango app for free! Not a KDL member? Try Duolingo or one of the many other options available.

Why It’s Great:

Spending so much time at home is the perfect excuse to finally learn that additional language. Lessons are short and sweet.


What Is It?

Subscription boxes are very popular. There are boxes for all kinds of interests.

Some of our team’s favorites are: Craft & Mason (coffee), Hello Fresh (meals), Allure, Ipsy (both beauty products), and Let’s Make Art (art and journaling). We also like Target’s beauty box, but you need to order it yourself every month. Or bring some beauty inside the house with a flower subscription.

Why It’s Great:

Having fun products to look forward to receiving every month helps make long winters more bearable.

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