15 Districts Reveal Schools Reopening Plans: Okemos, DeWitt, Lansing Area etc.


Schools Reopening Plan – all Across the Board in the Lansing Area.

My kid’s school district has already revealed their back to school reopening plan for the 2020/2021 school year, but I’m watching to see what others are planning, doing, and I’m waiting diligently to hear as the last few, like Okemos and DeWitt, unveil their reopening plans.

Why? Somehow, in a time where certainty is rare and faint, it’s nice to actually have some footing as we hear how our community as a whole will be reopening this fall.

Spoiler alert: it’s all across the board…

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Back to School • COVID Reopening Plan

First and foremost: We are sending HUGE virtual high fives and hugs to all of the teachers and administration out there!

You’re amazing. We are so grateful for you and what you’re doing in this city for our precious gems! No matter the COVID school reopening choices, we know they were hard to plan and create.



It may seem like there are just two options, virtual or in class, but the Lansing area school districts have dove in deep with ideas, plans, protocols, and prep for many options. Many have a unique spin on their back to school reopening plans.

It’s fitting as our schools in this area are all very different supporting and meeting all types of needs of the community.

Lansing School District
519 West Kalamazoo StreetLansing, MI 48933
(517) 755-1000

Reopening plan: LSD is going virtual (LSD Reimagined) starting August 31 for the first marking period with the option to continue remotely the entirety of the year. The reopening plan will be reassessed and announced for further periods. 

Holt Public Schools
5780 West Holt Road Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-0401

Reopening plan: Their reopening plan is to start remotely August 31 with a common calendar year (this year only.)

Waverly Community Schools
515 Snow Rd. Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 321-7265

Reopening plan: Schools will start online until September. Decisions for the remainder of the year TBD.

Grand Ledge Public Schools
220 Lamson Street  Grand Ledge, MI 48837 
(517) 925-5400

Reopening plan: Going virtual to start where previously they had to options.

Mason Public Schools
201 W. Ash Street, Suite 2A,  Mason, MI 48854

(517) 676-2484

Reopening plan: They are offering online learning to start and “expect to return to face-to-face instruction” as plans continue.

Okemos Public Schools
4406 Okemos RoadOkemos, MI 48864
(517) 706-5000

Reopening plan: Okemos will be 100% online learning to start in the fall at least until October.

East Lansing Public Schools
501 Burcham Dr. East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 333-7420

Reopening plan: Starting with 100% online learning in the fall. Sample schedules provided in this link.

Haslett Public Schools
5593 Franklin Street, Haslett, MI 48840
(517) 339-8242

Reopening Plan: Going virtual to start. Read more about their decision here.

Williamston Community Schools
418 Highland StreetWilliamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-4361

Reopening plan: Starting online in the fall.

DeWitt Public Schools
2957 W. Herbison Rd. DeWitt, MI 48820
(517) 668-3000

Reopening plan: DeWitt going virtual starting this fall.

St. John’s School District
501 West Sickels Street St. Johns, MI 48879
(989) 227-4050

Reopening plan: Plan for face-to-face learning with the option of online in the fall.

Eaton Rapids Public Schools
912 S. Greyhound Drive, Eaton Rapids, Michigan 48827
(517) 663-8155

Reopening plan: ERP is still in decision mode and is set to unveil soon.

Charlotte Public Schools
378 State StreetCharlotte, MI 48813
(517) 541-5100

Reopening plan: Both face-to-face and remote learning options available.

Bath Community Schools
6175 E. Clark Rd. Bath, MI 48808
(517) 641-6721

Reopening plan: waiting on the reopening plan.

Portland Public Schools
1100 Ionia Rd Portland, MI 48875
(517) 647-4161

Reopening plan: in the decision mode between in-person, remote, and hybrid.


Ok, so our schools are going virtual for now. We all scrambled this past March but now you’ve got a month-ish to plan your at-home strategy. Here are some articles that may help with that.

We wish you the best of luck and progress this fall as you get back to school, Lansing friends!



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