7 Reasons Springz + Zap Zone is Superb For Families With Young Kids


Can I Take My Toddler to a Trampoline Park?

I was very hesitant to try a trampoline park in our area, especially when both of my kids were considered toddlers. Most stories I heard about jumping parks were about grown men dunking on each other and slamming into the walls etc. Good news – it turned out that’s NOT the case at Springz. After attending a birthday party at Springz and Zap Zone we were hooked!

If you’ve been wanting to try out a trampoline park but not sure how your younger kids will do – Take them to Springz.

Here’s why:


7 Reasons Springz is a Great Option For Families With Younger Kids

There are many options for jumping around our state making it hard to know which are best for our precious younger kids. We don’t want them to get trampled or jumped on – am I right? If you’re wanting to find a trampoline park in Lansing – Springz is perfect for toddlers and younger kids.

1. Less is More

Springz has two jumping rooms. One is just for jumping, shooting hoops, and leaping into the foam pit. The second has a few more trampolines and their ninja course. These smaller areas make it easy to stay by and keep track of your little cuties.

2. Ninja Warrior Course for ALL AGES

My hubby and I tried and failed miserably at the ninja warrior course – but man was that FUN! The best part was that our 3-1/2 year old was able to climb up and go down the slide too! (Disclaimer: your child has to be able to climb up the rope wall on their own for this portion of the fun.) There’s something awesome about a whole family being able to have the same amount of fun – together.


3. Timed and Regulated Jump Sessions

Each session has a specific amount of people so each room has space to roam and jump freely. This is REALLY nice for toddlers. The course and trampolines are not crowded and the kids have so much fun.

4. Supervision and Rules

Springz staff talks through the rules each time you jump with them. There should never be more than one person jumping on a trampoline at one time. This is so perfect for toddlers. Their staff is pacing through each room making sure that all are sticking to the rules, avoiding injury, and ultimately having a great time.

5. You Can Jump Too

Springz is a place where WE get to be kids again.  If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re in for a treat!

6. Half-Price Tuesdays

$4 to jump for a half-hour means a $16 for an amazing night out with the kids for our family of 4. Half-off jump time starts at 4 pm.

7. Springz is more than a trampoline park

Springz is inside of Zap Zone! If you’re up for more than a half-hour of fun you’ll have plenty of other options to do in this wonderland of play.


Springz Is More Than a Trampoline Park

Not up for jumping or can’t jump? There’s plenty of other fun options you can do with your kids at Zap Zone located in the same building. Welcome to what my hubby calls “the kid version of Vegas” – where you forget what time it is playing the day away while hoping to hit the jackpot at the win big ticket game!

What Springz + Zap Zone has to offer:

Arcade: Games galore and options for all ages.


Glo Golf: This course is fully lit by black lights. Golf balls and clubs are also colorful and shine bright so you can see where you’re hitting. Just remember to brush your teeth for the big smiles you’ll have and take a lint brush to your shirt before you go.  Jokes aside, you’ll really see each other in a new “light”. #cheesy

Trampoline Park: Choose from a half-hour or hour time frame. This option also has a portion of time that will be in black lights so you can see all of the fun mural-art and glowing trampolines.


Laser Tag: Bring a team or join one! Again, be ready for more black lights in this portion making it a cool experience going up against your opponents. 

Bumper Cars: Will this ever become out of style? I think not. Why do we love bumping into each other? But, we do! Plus, it’s a great option to ride along with our toddlers or younger kids.

Virtual Reality Ride: So cool! Get away for a bit with this fun experience in the ocean, Jurassic forest, or apocalyptic future. eeeek! I don’t know if I want to try that last one. Will you let me know how it is if you try it?

Birthday Party Options: We had our son’s 3rd birthday party at Springz + Zap Zone. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that we lost track of time and stayed WAY longer than we planned. The birthday boy won the jackpot ticket game, every single adult left saying “That was way too fun” and “what time is it?!” plus the kids had a blast!

Here are their party options:

All packages include 10 guests. Pick 2 & PARTY, Arcade & PICK 2, Pick 3 & PARTY, Arcade & PICK 3


Tips for Your next Visit to Springz – Zap Zone

  1. There are two costs for jumping – the jump fee and the sock fee.
  2. Keep your green socks! The next time you visit you’ll just have to pay the jump fee.
  3. Remember – keep checking the clock. You’ll lose track of time in this “Kid version of Vegas”: No sunlight + arcade games + more = a time warp!
  4. Half-Price Tuesdays are a great way to plan an easy low cost party!

What do you enjoy about Springz + Zap Zone?

We’d love to hear from you! Do you have any tips you’d like to share for local families that we missed?

Happy jumping, Lansing families!

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