WIN! ($172 value) Family Passes to Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium!


This giveaway brought to you by Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium.

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner, Danielle!

WIN! A Day of Family Fun at Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium

Summer break is almost upon us! It’s time to make our plans for exciting outings with our families. If you’re looking to stay close to home but still want to take an epic trip with the kids – Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall is a fabulous option! In addition to being the biggest Indoor Outlet Mall in Michigan, it’s home to Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA Life Aquarium + bonus locations like The Rainforest Cafe, Outdoor World, and more!

Peppa-Pig-World of Play Car-wash

Why Families Love Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Have you read about our recent trip to all three of these locations?! It was an AMAZING day – not just because the kids got to have fun, but because our entire family had a blast! Here are some of many reasons families LOVE going to Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA Life Aquarium:

Peppa Pig World of Play

  • This wonderland of imagination come to live is 100% geared toward hands-on non-guided play. Their facility and staff create a peaceful non-stressful environment for both kids and parents. Their specific time periods to arrive are very helpful in keeping that culture a consistent feature.
  • Peppa Pig World of Play is immaculately clean. You’ll enjoy their 14 themed play areas with ease.
  • It is not just a playland – it’s an experience FOR families. Every inch of their facility is designed and geared for cultivating sweet memories and quality time with your kids.

Find out more details and fun facts about Peppa Pig World of Play: Here.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

LEGO-LAND Discovery Center Detroit replica

  • LEGOLAND is perfect for your littles that LOVE LEGOS but is so much fun for everyone else as well.
  • Enjoy rides (saving the princess and flying high in the sky), 4D LEGO Cinema, Play structure, Builder workshops, and more!
  • A LEGO replica takes you through the entire city of Downtown Detroit with interactive exhibits.

Find out more details and fun facts about LEGOLAND Discover Center: Here.

SEA LIFE Aquarium

Sea-Life-Aquarium-Underwater Tunnel

  • As you can image, the sharks, stingrays, and sea turtle were a highlight. They are located at the end of the loop.
  • Experience talks and watch feeds, and touch creatures at the interactive touchpool exhibit.
  • After so much playing at the other two locations you’ll love this relaxing and rejuvenating visit to their 12 interactive exhibits.

Find out more details and fun facts about SEA Life Aquarium: Here.

So – who’s ready to WIN this THREE destinations of fun day trip!?

Here’s how to enter:

Sea-Life-Aquarium-Sting ray

Enter to WIN!

One winner will be picked to receive family passes to Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium. Valued at $172. 30! You’ll enjoy a day packed full of hands-on playing at all three locations with your family.

Giveaway Passes Include:

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1. For a first entry, leave a comment below telling us why your family is excited to visit all three locations!

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If you’re a WINNER, you will be contacted via email. Watch your inbox to ensure you don’t miss out. Winners will have 24 hours to respond.

Good luck, Lansing!


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296 thoughts on “WIN! ($172 value) Family Passes to Peppa Pig World of Play + LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium!”

  1. Sadie Wastell

    We would love to win this prize! We just recently revisited the previous article about Peppa Pig World, LEGOLAND, & Sea Life Aquarium because we’ve never been & hope to plan a trip. Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Lakeisha Alexander

      My young children would LOVE a day like this!! I’ve had to sit thru plenty of Peppa Pig episodes.

      1. Amanda Reeves

        I would live to win this for my family. We are huge fans of Peppa Pig. The aquarium and Lego Land would be such a fun and interactive way for us to show our children new things.

    2. Jessica Ruthig

      My son has been asking us to go here! It would be a fun surprise for his upcoming birthday!

    3. Kristy Jacobsen

      My girls would be so amazed by Peppa Pig play world as they watch Peppa all the time. An aquarium is always a great day trip and we would love to explore Sea Life aquarium. My oldest is just starting her adventure into the world of Legos and a visit to Lego Land Discovery would be a great way to discover new Lego sets.

      1. My kids would absolutely love this and it would be an awesome adventure as a family. We have never been so it would also be a new experience for us all. Thank you!!

    4. Vanessa Jackson

      My family and I are would be incredibly excited to go. My mom and I co-parent my niece and nephew (since their births-both under 9) and I would make this the greatest surprise!! They deserve it and so does my mom, just the 4 of us having a great time together. They are really great kids, but due to a few financial problems we can’t always go. Also, LEGOLAND is my nephew’s dream spot to go. His mind would explode!

    5. We are new in town and want to explore all the great places in the Lansing area with our son!

    6. My girls are finally old enough to enjoy these types of outings! It would be a great staycation idea for this summer!

  2. My 3 year old daughter is a huge fan Peppa Pig. We really want to visit to Peppa Pig world to see the excitement and happiness on her face.

  3. Sarah Southwell

    I have two fun, active little guys that would love to explore and experience these three attractions. We love to do new things, and are always down for an adventure.

    1. I would love to win this. My son’s anniversary, his son’s birthday, his daughter’s half birthday are all coming up. It would be a great family vacation.

  4. We have been thinking about visiting Detroit for awhile now, and winning this would definitely get us to stop thinking about it and do it. My girls are at great ages (4 and 6) to enjoy all three places.

    1. I would Love to take my kiddos to this! My youngest has never been and would absolutely love it!!!!

      1. Abbie Johnson

        Every since I read the first article we have been talking about when we would go visit! We LOVE Peppa Pig in this house and are frequently called mommy and daddy pig. Sea life aquariums are super fun as well, but we’ve never been to the Detroit one! My husband is a mega legos person so he would love to experience that with our kiddos!

    2. My daughter would love to visit all 3 places. She absolutely loves peppa and george. She loves seeing animals so would love the all the fish.

    1. we have made a tradition of going to the Sea Life aquarium and Legoland every year before school starts back up and it would be great to add the Peppa pig land to this tradition as well.

  5. We’ve never been to Peppa, so would love to check it out!! We love the other two!!

    1. I would love to win this experience for my daughter. She loves anything related to fish or “blub blubs” as she calls them. She also loves anything related to “piggy”

      1. Kimberly Evans

        My kids love Peppa pig! My oldest loves the sea and legos. I can’t afford to take them unfortunately but would be nice to take them.

  6. We would love to visit all 3 because I have 3 kids 1 toddler who loves peppa, a young boy who loves legos and an older daughter who loves aquariums so it’s a win for all

  7. I just emailed (shared)this to my sister , as she would love to tag along I’m sure

  8. Christina Gilreath

    Oh my gosh!!!! This would be amazing! I was JUST looking at Peppa Tickets today.
    My kids would have a blast at all 3 of these places. Peppa Pig is their favorite show, and Avi is super into the LEGO movie right now. And the aquarium would be amazing too. This would make for an amazing summer!

  9. Wow it would be cool to visit all three locations. We have never been to any of them. My kids would love using their imagination to play in Peppa World. The LEGO Detroit replica would be a highlight for the grown ups. And we would all enjoy seeing the beauty of the ocean to end the day. Sounds so fun!

  10. Ashley Hetzner

    This sounds like so much fun! This would be a great trip to do with my in laws when they visit this summer.

  11. Angela Burguillo

    I’m very excited about this giveaway especially with summer arriving soon! I know my kids would love this and my husband and I too! I’ve heard wonderful things about this place and can’t wait to check it out!

    1. Rachel VanDeven

      My family has been to sea life and Legoland and had so much fun, but we haven’t had a chance to see Peppa pig world! Can’t wait to go!

  12. Cathy Blatnik

    My son with Special Needs has never been to any of those places! It would be great to go as a family!!’

  13. we would love to win this package!!
    My son would enjoy getting to finally check out all of them!

  14. Jessica Malcuit

    My daughters are big fans of Peppa Pig, and my Preschooler has shown a lot of interest in sea life. It would make for a perfect family getaway that isn’t states away!

  15. My daughter is three and sleeps with a Peppa Pig stuffy every night. This would be a great family get-away 🙂

  16. Jessica Hundt

    All three of these look great! I would love to win so I could take my daughter and spend the day making memories with her?

  17. Venus Henderson-Hughes

    My family and I moved back to Michigan after being Arizona for 11 years in October 2018. We have 3 kids under 10. They have experienced their first winter and as we plan for their first summer this would be the icing on the cake for them.

  18. I have 2 daughters; ages 3 & 5 who would LOVE to visit all three locations. What an exciting opportunity!!

  19. Brigette A Robinson

    Family outings are pricey for our family of 7! The kids would be thrilled to have the opportunity to explore all three locations; Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA LIFE Aquarium! Peppa pig would be perfect for our daughter with special needs Ella, LEGOLAND would be wonderful for our four normally able kids, and ALL five would love the SEA LIFE Aquarium!

  20. Brigette A Robinson

    I “liked” all three of the pages on Facebook: Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA LIFE Aquarium!!

  21. Stephanie Miller

    Oh, Peppa Pig. We’ve loved you for years. Must get to your playspace before my kids are too big!

  22. This would be a wonderful way to kickstart the summer! We haven’t been to any of these places and would love to explore them!!

    1. Stephanie Elliott

      This would be a wonderful trip for our family. We have not made it yet to and of these locations even though they are on our “to do” bucket list with our daughter

    1. Amanda Reeves

      I have e shared this giveaway on my Facebook page and sent pm to my mom friends who I think might enjoy this giveaway.

  23. What a great family giveaway! I have a niece and nephew that I dont get to spend very much time with. I would love to be able to treat them with this experience and in the process make some memories together. All three places look perfect for their ages!

  24. Meghan Greenhoe

    My family would love to finally experience these! My daughter is 2.5 and we love watching her learn and exploring new things and places!

  25. Kelly Psilidis

    Our family would be so excited to win this opportunity! A fun filled day to relax, have some quality family time and explore is well over due. It would be the perfect way to kick off summer vacation. ? Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  26. This would be so awesome and a great way to start off the summer!! My kids love legoland and the sea life aquarium and would love to try out the new peppa pig playground!!!

  27. Vanessa Jackson

    This comment is for the second entry, already liked all 3 of those pages liked! ?

  28. This would be a wonderful gift for my son && his children. He has a littlr girt that just turned 1 and a boy that just turned 5. He ABSOLUTLY LOVES Peppa Pig Legos & aquarium’s. He has been begging his dad to go to Legiland, but they just can not afford it, he would be in heaven to visit all three of these places.

    1. Liked & shared peppard pig, Legoland discovery center and Sea life aquarium on facebook

  29. Miranda Coburn

    I’m looking forward to a family outing full of activities really geared toward my kids interests. My 4 year old ADORES Peppa Pig and my 11 year old absolutely loves legos and wants to be a marine biologist. This is a great opportunity to enjoy all of these things as a family.

  30. Miranda Coburn

    I copied your link and sent it to family and friends through text message.

  31. Lynn Peterson

    My kids love seeing all the fishes,sharks,rays at the aquarium
    We are also a fan of peppa and would be neat interact with a play structure my kids are also great builders and seeing what they make from legos is the greatest thing.

    Maybe one day they will be engineers

  32. My son has been bugging me for a while to go to the Legoland. And who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the aquarium?

    1. We’d love to kick off our summer with a visit to Peppa pig land, Leggoland, and Sealife Aquarium! Our kids, ages 4, 3, 3, and 1 would be thrilled!

  33. Shivaun Haynes

    Not being from Michigan we’re always looking for amazing, fun new things to try, we had no clue Michigan even had a legoland so we would be super excited to check it out, my youngest loves peppa pig so I know he’d be thrilled to visit and who doesn’t love the aquarium!!!

  34. heather gibbs

    My daughter would love this! She loves Peppa pig and would love the aquarium & lego land.

  35. Danielle anderson

    We would love to win because we love checking out new places as a family and enjoying time together on adventures

  36. We would love to check out all of these places we haven’t been there before and we are always up for a new adventure.

  37. Amanda Chapman

    This would be an amazing birthday surprise for my son! We have not been to any of these places yet!

    1. We have never been to these amazing places and would be thrilled to go. They look wonderful and exciting!

  38. My kids and I would love seeing the fishies and other sea life! And I love bringing them to hands on play areas. They’d have so much fun!

  39. We haven’t been to any of these yet! There’s so much to enjoy right here in Michigan and since we aren’t taking a big vacation this summer we hope to plan a bunch of day trips. This would be a great one!

  40. Allie Christians

    My boys would
    Be thrilled to win this! One loves sea animals and both love legos! Peppa pig would
    Be fun too!!! My son has been begging me to
    Take him to LEGO land!

  41. My family and I would love to visit all of your locations because we have a 3 and 5 year old that just moved down here from Alaska and they did not know places like this exist in real life!

  42. What a great day trip or weekend it would be we LOVE aquariums and my girls love peppa pig!! And Legos well who doesnt!! This would be a GREAT win for whoever wons!! Me plz!!

  43. Our kids would absolutely love a trip like this! We have been talking about visiting all 3 places for a while now. We are always looking for a new adventure to take, and have yet to explore the east side of the state. This would be a great opportunity to make some FANTASTIC and FOREVER memories .

  44. Victoria Pastars

    We have never been and would love to check them out. My son do loved our trip to the Florida Keys exploring all the ocean life there so the Aquarium would be so great and of course we love all things legos.

  45. Victoria Pastars

    I did like the Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA LIFE Aquarium on Facebook. ?

  46. Jessica Hughes

    We have never been. With 3 kids it gets expensive. Would love to take them, they would have a blast!

  47. We would love to win this!! My kiddos have never been to this side of the state and having such great destinations so close is amazing 🙂

  48. I’ve always wanted to take my children to the aquarium and Legoland, and they all love Peppa! Especially my two year old!

  49. Kristen Schavey

    My girls are just getting into legos, so Legoland would be legendary! Peppa Pig ? is always fun & the World of Play looks amazing. SeaLife is so fun, the touch tanks are really special.

  50. Brandi Strunk

    We have four kids ranging from nine to one year old. This would be super fun for us because there would be something for every age to enjoy!

  51. Sybil Vilchez

    My kiddos would LOVE this package! They both love Peppa pig and my son has been begging to go to a QUARIUM for ages ?. We have never been to any of these destinations so this would make our summer!!

  52. We would love to win this! Our four kids have never been to an aquarium and this would be a great way to take them! And Peppa Pig and Legoland would make the day even more amazing!

  53. Sadie Steffens

    My son loves his peppa pig sticker book, building with legos, and would love seeing the fish!

  54. We have never been to any of these locations, but have been really wanting to go! Our girls love legos, love aquarium animals, and just recently discovered Peppa Pig. ?

  55. My youngest LOVES Peppa Pig and my oldest LOVES legos…this giveaway will blow their little minds:)

  56. Stephanie Swint

    We love Peppa! And all 3 kids play with Legos. Would be great to visit Legoland!

  57. Jennifer Brinks

    We have 3 energetic boys and 1 curious baby girl! We like to keep them learning and on the move! This would be an awesome opportunity for our family!!!

  58. Michelle Rodriguez

    We’re excited to go because we’ve never been to any of these places. We love the aquarium and my boys love legos and peppa pig!

  59. Karri Scruggs

    We would be so excited to visit these 3 places because we have never been to them. My boys are big into Legos so this would probably be their favorite ?

  60. Jessica Nunley

    Have a toddler and 7 year old so this would have something for both! Toddler loves Peppa and big kid loves Legos and both love animals! We were thinking of planning this summer trip!

  61. Emailed to a couple of friends so they could enter! But I will be jealous if they win!

  62. jasmine monroe

    Hi! We would love to win this! My six year old has loved Peppa Pig ever since she was a toddler and my other daughter (now a toddler) enjoys watching and playing with Peppa Pig!

    1. jasmine monroe

      I have liked each of the following: Peppa Pig World of Play, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and SEA LIFE Aquarium on Facebook!

  63. Willow L Cramer

    How fun would this be!!! All of the places sound awesome to check out!!! What a cool giveaway!

  64. My daughter loves Peppa Pig, legos and fish! She has been wanting to take a trip! We would love to win because it would make her year!

  65. My 2 year old loves Peppa Pig, building towers with legos, and fish! He would really enjoy this prize!!

  66. Samantha Clinger

    We have been wanting to visit these places with my 2 year old! He is obsessed with Peppa Pig!

  67. My 5 y/o boys love all things Lego and aquatic life! Plus my nephews (8 & 10 y/o) are coming to visit from the Caribbean and they are psyched about LegoLand! They knew they could visit there before we even did! Peppa Pig world is going to be an extra treat to them. So we already have these attractions on our itinerary for their visit. It would be so awesome to be gifted this package. We’ve never been before. Thanks for considering us!

  68. My boys LOVE Legoland! I would love to be able to take them to all 3!! Peppa Pig World of Play would be such a fun outing. And we LOVE FISH!!! SeaLife is a gem that we have only been able to get to once!

  69. What a great opportunity to visit some amazing events! Thanks so much! Liked all three pages and shared on Facebook as well 🙂

  70. We are so excited to have this opportunity. I have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 6 week old. We have wanted to make a day trip to the mall to visit these 3 attractions since having our youngest daughter. We have never been and our 2 older girls love peppa pig, LEGO’s and animals. It will give us a chance to get out of the house since having our youngest. It will also give our 2 oldest daughters the chance to get out of the house and experience some pretty cool things and create memories. It’s always a big adjustment having a baby in the house and this would allow us to let loose and have fun as a family! Thank you!

  71. This would be perfect for our family! The boys love Legos, the girls love Peppa, and the whole family likes aquariums!

  72. It looks like I already liked the peppa page and I also just liked the other 2 pages. 🙂

  73. My kids and I went through a hard time after my divorce and since starting my life over in Grand Rapids as a realtor just starting out. I haven’t been able to take the kids anywhere fun… I’d love to win this for the kids!!

  74. We are frequent visitors of both Legoland and Sea Life. We always have a blast and enjoy eating at the Rainforest cafe everytime we go as well. My DD has been asking to visit the new Peppa Pig playground so would love to win tix. 🙂

  75. My family would love to go to all 3 places because we haven’t had a chance to get their yet. My son is currently OBSESSED with legos and he loves fish

  76. I shared this with my friend for her family by copying then url and sending it to her.

  77. Holli Mitchell

    We’d love to win! We keep meaning to go to these places but it’s a longer drive and the tickets aren’t cheap! Winning them would make the drive so worth it!

  78. Holli Mitchell

    Entered, liked the pages, & shared the Lansing Family Fun post! Thank you!

  79. Having four kids that are different in ages is tricky to find fun for the whole family. My husband and I love how LEGO discovery has things for our oldest who is 14 and our youngest who is 4 to have fun!! We hear no complaints from any of our children only thing we hear is how much fun they are having!! Sea life is a blast and it is great to see all the beautiful fish swimming and don’t forgot that you can touch a starfish! My four year old loves loves Peppa Pig we have not visited yet but would love too!

  80. Jennifer Kruger

    We have never been to these attractions before. I’d love to take my 5 year old who loves peppa pig and my 13 year old would love legoland. We all love aquariums and would love to win a fun day out together

  81. This would be a wonderful gift for my daughter and our family. SHe ABSOLUTELY LOVES Peppa Pig Legos & aquarium’s. SHe has been begging her dad to go to Legoland, but we just can not afford it, she would be in heaven to visit all three of these places. I hope we can win this. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity for parents and kids.

  82. Desiree Smith

    We’ve never been to any of those locations as a family. We would love to adventure there this summer for vacation. Our littles love LEGO and all things aquatic and what’s not to love about the world of play?

  83. My son loves’s even his birthday party theme in a couple weeks. My daughter loves fishies and anything ocean related and they both watch too much peppa pig! They would both have so much fun on a day trip to Great Lakes crossings!!!

  84. Ellen Williams

    Never been to LEGO land and my 5 year old is currently obsessed with legos. She would be trolled to go. How exciting!

  85. Jaimee Gillon

    We would be SO excited to win this amazing package! We visited Peppa last month but havent tried the others and would love the chance ?

  86. We have never been and would love to make a day trip of it! When I was a kid we went to a Rainforest Cafe and Aquarium in Illinois with my family and a trip like this would bring back such fond memories.

  87. What an awesome family day this would be! Legoland, and sealife are two attractions we love to visit. Visiting Peppa would top the cake. Our 3 year old would be so excited to see Peppa and visit legoland and sealife again.

  88. I shared this so my nieces and nephews could enter. They are always looking for fun and educational things to do with their young children.

  89. We have never been to any of these places, and it would be a fun family adventure to go and try them all out!

  90. Courtney Gamboa

    We love all 3 locations! We enjoy seeing the sea animals at Sea Life and we love to be able to play with all the legos at LEGO land and watching 3D movies! We haven’t been able to visit Peppa Pig yet but hoping we can soon!

    1. My girls are finally old enough to enjoy these types of outings! These would be perfect to experience this summer!

  91. My son absolutely loves Peppa pig and it would be a blessing to win the passes so he could attend the different places

  92. This would be the perfect family trip for us. My daughter loves Peppa pig so much she wants a Peppa birthday party, and she plays with Legos all the time with her dad. Add in the aquarium for some educational value and there’s something for everyone!

  93. My daughter loves Peppa Pig and both kids love legos.
    I also liked all of the Facebook pages mentioned above.

  94. We are so excited to visit all the locations because we have four kids ranging in age 9 to 2. Each child would have something that interests them in one place!

  95. Meghann Trudeau

    We have been to Lego Land and have love it! But we’ve never been to the aquarium or Peppa Pig world. It would be a fun day! Thanks for the opportunity ?❤️

  96. My daughter is 5, and loves Peppa Pig, fish and Legos, this is the perfect day trip for us!

  97. We would love to add all three stops to our summer itinerary! Imaginative play at it’s best, plus supporting a company like Lego who is making environmentally friendly business decisions is another great lesson to teach the kids.

  98. My daughter is OBSESSED with Peppa Pig right now, and she loves fishies and builds with Legos all the time, especially with her cousins who would love to come with us! She’s such a good girl and has gone through a lot with us having to move away from our friends and family, so she totally deserves a fun play day with Peppa!

  99. Shared this giveaway article on my Facebook page, in my private Facebook group, and sent personally to all my close mom friends and family who would love to win as well! ♥️

  100. Jessica Sherman

    I would love something fun and free to do with my son and nephews this summer!

  101. Joanne Campbell - Avendt

    With a 3 year old Peppa pig obsessed daughter and a 6year old Lego fanatic son that both love aquariums this seems like the perfect day out for them!

  102. This sounds like the perfect family vacation. My kids love Peppa Pig. We all love playing with legos and watching the lego movies and we love learning about the sea and the creatures that live there. What a fun trip!!!

  103. We are always looking for ways to fall in love with Michigan all over again! It would be a fun adventure with my babes and me!

  104. Beverly Haske

    Perfect road trip activity for the Summer. Convenient and accessible. Ample parking at the facility. Our family loves marine life- so this is just the right place for us.

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