Fresh Local Produce Abounds at Farmers Markets In the Lansing Area

When people ask what type of a city Lansing is it’s interesting to describe that no matter where you live in our radius, you’re within 2-5 miles of farmland. It’s no surpise to find there are over 12 farmers markets in our area and so many local produce farmers throughout our city.


These hardcore passionate growers and artisans make farmers markets so lovely to shop because not only are the products local, they are grown with love in our community.

Here’s where you can find our local farmers market rockstars:

June Calendar Horrocks Farmers Market Lansing with Kids Feature Image

Where and When to Find Farmers Markets in Lansing

Most markets around town open in May and end around October (some in November) plus a few year-round markets. Check here throughout the year to find when and where to find Farmers Markets in the Lansing Area and beyond.

Lansing Area Farmers Markets:

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