Our Huge List of Patio Seating and Where to Eat Outside with Kids Around Lansing

Sweet Spots Where Families Can Eat Outside on Patios in Lansing

I finally get it – why my mom would make us play outside until the very last second every day. Now that I’m a mom and going through Michigan seasons, once summer hits, being and playing outside is a huge priority. We want to soak up as much natural vitamin D as possible. Especially after such a long winter, I want to be outside as much as possible.

Cosmos Pizza Patio in Lansing Old Town with Kids

The great news is that Lansing restaurant owners do outdoor seating superbly and creatively. I can think of more than 40 spots with outdoor seating options. Even though we can only eat outside for about 1/3 of the year, all types of places join in the outdoor seating fun.

Thank you, Lansing patio owners! You make it easy and fun for families to eat out during the summer.

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What Type of Patio Dining Experience Are You Going For?

We are all parents – so we can be real with each other right? There are days.

Good Vibe Patio Days: When all is well and eating anywhere is a dream.

Fast and Convenient Patio Days: When eating inside is NOT an option because my two year old is in a “mood” and will not sit still. Can I get an AMEN!?

Yummy/Fun Food Patio Days: When we want to experience something fun or just down right great food.

BONUS: Quite a few of these places are on our “Kids Eat Free” guide!

Good Vibes – Patios/Outdoor Seating in Lansing

We think these places are a good time with good food and nice atmosphere.

El Azteco

Rooftop dining under stringing lights + chips and salsa in East Lansing = good vibes.
They now have a patio at their west side location and it’s on my bucket list this summer.

Locations: West Lansing, East Lansing

Red Haven

DELICIOUS food + covered patio + farm to table = good vibes.

Location: Okemos


Mouth watering bbq + Old Town + secluded patio = good vibes.

Location: Turner Street, Old Town, Lansing

MP Social

Beautifully aesthetic + amazing view of downtown + yummy dessert = Good vibes

Location: Marketplace, Lansing

Lansing Brewing Company

Kids menu + lawn games + surrounding art/graffiti + lights + sometimes music = good vibes.

Location: Downtown, Lansing

The Creole

Old Town + picky eater options = good vibes.

Location: Turner Street, Old Town, Lansing

Maru Sushi 

Sushi + lowered patio + lights = good vibes.

Location: East Lansing

Jolly Pumpkin

Great kids menu + yard games+ fun street scene = good vibes.

Location: East Lansing

Blue Owl

Quick food + Reo Town or EL + sometimes live music + friendly staff = good vibes.

Location: Reo Town, Lansing & East Lansing

The Peanut Barrel

MSU Campus + fenced area + food kids actually eat = good vibes.

Location: Grand River Strip, East Lansing


Two patio options + lights + comfort food = good vibes.

Location: Eastwood Towncenter

Sushi Ya

Sushi + lights + campus fun = good vibes.

Location: Grand River Strip, East Lansing

The Cosmos/Zoobies Patio

Pizza + lights + tons of seating options = good vibes.

Location: Old Town, Lansing


Energetic location + large patio + street fun = good vibes.

Location: East Lansing

Fast and Easy – Patios/Outdoor Seating in Lansing

We think these places are fast and easy for outdoor dining.


Grab food as you walk through the store + picky eater options + umbrellas and lights = fast and easy.

Location: West Lansing


Quick + tasty + gated patio + 3 options across town = fast and easy.

Locations: West Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos

Fresh Thyme

Deli + fresh = fast and easy.

Location: Trowbridge, East Lansing.

Whole Foods

Deli + fresh = fast and easy.

Location: Grand RiverEast Lansing

Flour Child Bakery

Made from scratch + allergy friendly + treats = fast and easy.

Location: Grand Ledge

Bagels and treats at Flour Child in Grand Ledge

Old Town General Store

Ready to eat refrigerated options + enclosed seating in the back = fast and easy.

Location: Old Town Lansing

Grand Traverse Pie Company

Yummy + walk up ordering + 3 area locations = fast and easy.

Locations: Downtown Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos

Sir Pizza

Pizza + walk up ordering = fast and easy.

Location: Old Town Lansing

South Lansing Farmers Market

Farmers market + walk up restaurants = fast and easy.

Location: Barnes St., Lansing

Blaze Pizza

Walk up ordering + pizza + wood fired + allergy friendly + enclosed seating = fast and easy.

Locations: Frandor, Lansing

Zaytoon Mediterranean Restaurant

Walk up ordering + kids menu + allergy friendly = fast and easy.

Location: West Lansing & Holt

Panera Bread

Walk up ordering + kids menu + amazing smell = fast and easy.

Locations: 3 across Lansing + East Lansing & Okemos

Food Trucks: El Oasis, Marias, The Purple Carrot, Picnic A Food Truck, Shove It Pizza, Krystal’s Kitchen and other favorites in your area.

Walk up ordering + delicious = fast and easy.

Locations: All over Lansing

Woody’s Oasis

Walk up ordering + delicious = fast and easy.

Location: Trowbridge, East Lansing


Walk up ordering + fresh ingredients + FREE custard w kids meal = fast and easy.

Locations: All over Lansing

Yummy/Fun Food – Patios/Outdoor Seating in Lansing

We think these places have good food and/or are fun to visit for outdoor dining.

Saddleback BBQ

Picnic tables + family style seating + amazing aroma = yummy fun food.

Locations: Reo Town, Lansing & Okemos


Pizza + great patio + lights + dance-able music = yummy fun food.

Locations: Lansing & East Lansing

Hop Cat

Food kids love + food and drinks parents love = yummy fun food.

Locations: East Lansing

Hanging in the hammocks in East Lansing’s Albert Al Fresco Dining Area – near Hop Cat, Harpers, and Jolly Pumpkin


View of Old Town + music +  chips and salsa = yummy fun food.

Location: Old Town, Lansing

Good Truckn’ Diner

Breakfast food and more + Reo Town vibes = yummy fun food.

Location: Reo Town, Lansing

Gump BBQ

Picnic tables + hidden gem = yummy fun food.

Location: Near Reo Town, Lansing

Midtown Brewing Company

Downtown + a great burger = yummy fun food.

Location: Downtown Lansing

Mitchell’s Fish Market

Seafood + lights + Eastwood Towne Center = yummy fun food.

Location: Eastwood Towncenter, Lansing

iScream (Allergy Friendly), Scoops, MSU Dairy Store, and Any Other Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream + outside + family hangs = yummy fun food.

Location: All over Greater Lansing

For Crepe Sake

Crepes (yum!) + savory and sweet and gluten free options + Downtown = yummy fun food.

Location: East Lansing

Los Tres Amigos

Chips + Salsa + fun decor = yummy fun food.

Location: All over Greater Lansing

Patio Season is Here – Where Will You Sit?

Do you have an awesome patio to share? Let us know in the comments where you like to eat outdoors. Lansing is better when we spread the word!

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  1. Thank you! This is amazing! I would also add Bad Brewing in Mason. They have a food truck and a great patio space under rope lights with a lot of seating options set beneath a beautiful wall mural.

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