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IMPORTANT Photograph/Image Requirements

  • Photos should be clear, bright and in JPG or PNG format.
  • Facebook does not like to display images with text. Images that have text on them are penalized by the Facebook algorithm and will cause your giveaway to be seen by fewer people. For best results, submit images that are engaging and do not have any text on them.
  • For the article header image, we use images without text that are sized 800×500 px.
  • Within the article, we prefer square photos (these look best for mobile and laptop users). If you cannot provide square photos, the best thing to do is submit high resolution files that we can size to our preferred specs.
  • **PLEASE NOTE: You must have permission to use the photos you are submitting. This means you must be the owner of the photo you share. If children are in your photographs, you must obtain parental/guardian permission before sharing their photo with us. Lastly, if you submit a photo that you did not take, you will need to send us written permission from the photographer.**