Mom Groups, Dad Groups, Play Meet Ups – Find Friends and Support in Lansing

The rumors are true and the verdict is in – parenting is hard. The good news is that in mom groups we start to realize that we are not alone and there are others out there going through things JUST.LIKE.US.

Find Friends, fun, and support in your community with this list of mom groups and dad groups around Lansing. Read my personal experience or scroll down to the list to get started.

Mom groups friends with kids play meet ups in the park in Lansing Michigan

My First Mom Group

I wasn’t like those – get right back working out after having a baby – moms. After having an emergency c-section I was the – barely walk without excruciating pain – type. I wore my maternity yoga pants “The Sand Lot” style – Foooreeeverrrr. I was fatigued from waking up every hour through the night. I was shell shocked, now a stay at home mom after working all my life. I “wasn’t myself” with hormones going bonkers. I was tired – emotionally and physically.

One bright day, I was invited to a moms group. I thought “Mom group? No, thank you”.  I wanted to say no because, I was nervous and prematurely judgmental thinking that I wouldn’t meet anyone who would understand me or what I was going through. Reluctantly, I said yes and I couldn’t be more happy that I went. I’m so thankful that I didn’t walk these first few years of parenting alone. The great bonus is that our kids have “grown up” together and I’ve made life long friends.

mom groups friends with kids at a house meet ups in Lansing Michigan

Places and Groups to Meet New Friends and Find Support in Lansing

Now that you know my story, you can see why my enthusiasm to share these Lansing parenting groups with you is high. Many meet up at parks, or fun places during those long winter months. These Lansing moms (most are welcome to dads) groups are open, and can’t wait for you to stop by!

Here are tips if you’re new to Parent Group:

  • Ask to join
  • Confirm on the day-of before you go
  • Go in confidence. You are amazing! You’re a mom, working hard and you’ve got this!
  • Remember that kids are kids – if it doesn’t go perfect the first time, try and try again.

Mom groups friends drinking coffee together meeting in Lansing Michigan with kids

Moms Groups, Dads Groups, and Meet Up Play Groups

Church of the Resurrection Mom Group – Growing families – married and single, moms and dads meet up to grow in community together.

DeWitt Area Moms Group This “judgement free zone” group of moms meet to talk all things kids and enjoy family friendly events.

Grand Ledge Moms and Tots Connect with other moms and kids on a regular basis out and about in Grand Ledge.

Great Start Collaborative Play and learn groups where families can play together and meet others with young kids.

Helo Club Their mission is to “bloom where you are planted” while engaging in “social and philanthropic activities within the greater Lansing area”.

Lansing and Mommy and Baby Club The invitation is always there with this moms group. Enjoy activities, outings, and events.

Lansing Area Dad and Kids Night Out Dads get to enjoy nights out with the kids doing activities like sailing, camping, etc.

Lansing Area Mt. Hope Moms Group A group of moms looking for fun, adventure, and support through the crazy #momlife.

Lansing (Surrounding Area) Area Playgroup Play and engage with moms and kids in Lansing. Meet up to make new friends.

Meet Up: The Lansing Moms and Expectant Moms The Lansing community speaks highly about this group often. It’s a fun and great group to meet other moms in our area. You can also join on their facebook page .

Mom M.A.C Group Moms aligned with Christ is designed to build relationships and support with other moms.

Moms of the Lansing/Grand Ledge areas This group does it all. They meet up with the kids and also get out on mom nights out.

If you’ve been to any of these groups or know of others that should be included – will you comment below and let us know why you love them?

Mom Groups friends hanging out in Lansing Michigan with Kids

MOPS and MOMSnext Mom Groups

MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) meet up to enjoy food, speakers, events, and meeting other mom friends. Their kids program gives a chance for moms to connect while their kids are safe and have fun.

First United Methodist Church in Howell.

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Jackson

Journey Church Holt

Real Life Church  MOPS and MOMSnext Charlotte

Redeemer United Methodist Church  Dewitt

United Brethren in Christ Fowlerville

If you’ve been to any of these groups or know of others that should be included – will you comment below and let us know why you love them?

Refresh, Thrive, and Women’s Groups

Looking for a place to study, meet friends, where your kids are safe and have fun too? If yes, these groups are for you.

Riverview Church – Childcare provided

South Church – Childcare provided

The Marys & Marthas Women’s Group

Thrive: Moms of Purpose – Trinity Church

If you’ve been to any of these groups or know of others that should be included – will you comment below and let us know why you love them?

Expectant Moms groups pregnant moms hanging out meeting in Lansing Michigan with kids

Family Resource Parenting Groups

Capitol Area Moms of Multiples Resources, support, and family outings for families with multiples.

Delta Waverly Le Leche League Breastfeeding resources and meet ups.

Le Leche League of East Lansing Breastfeeding resources and meet ups.

Michigan Lansing Mission Mommas Moms and Dads of missionaries connect with others to share their stories and gain support from others.

Refugee Parent Group Resources for past or present refugee parents. Find activities, learning opportunities, mom meet up groups, mom nights out and more.

Willow Tree Family Center Support, events, and resources for families from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Women & Moms: Vibrant Body, Energy, and Health Join other moms looking to loose weight, gain a more healthy lifestyle, and make friends through it all. Located in Howell

If you’ve been to any of these groups or know of others that should be included – will you comment below and let us know why you love them?

Mom groups friends with kids in strollers walking meeting in Lansing Michigan

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