517 Spring Break Spirit Week – Your Spring Break Alternative!

Bringing Spirit to the Week that was Supposed to be Spring Break

We’re living in an upside-down world right now, but if you were keeping track, April 6 was supposed to be the start of spring break for many of the schools in mid-Michigan.

Some of us canceled birthday parties and day trips, while others canceled mega-adventures to places like Florida or a cruise. This is all a bummer, so we thought we’d try to lift spirits with a new set of shared activities.

Psst, Spirit Week is a term used in K-12 schools during which students show their school and team spirit by dressing up in line with the days’ themes. I didn’t know what Spirit Week was until my kids were in elementary school.


Follow along with #517Spirit this week. Here’s what we’re going to do.

If “I can’t do this” is the first thought that popped into your head, read on. We’ll list a bunch of options for each day to help inspire you and make it easy. Choose one or two that speak to you.

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Getting Involved is Easy – Here’s How

  1. Join our 517 Spring Break Spirit Week Event on Facebook
  2. Do one or more of the suggested theme activities for each day of the week
  3. Post a pic in the group showing off your #517spirit
  4. Enter to win pay-it-forward PRIZES from local businesses!

Monday – Superhero Day

WEAR: A cape or costume. If you don’t have one, tie a scarf or pillowcase (safely) around your shoulders. Little Kid Bonus: Delight your kids by dressing up little stuffies with washcloth capes.

DO: Let your superhero know you are thinking of them (healthcare workers and other public-facing people are huge heroes right now) —  send a note of gratitude via email to a superhero in your life.

WATCH: Pixar’s The Incredibles

MAKE: A super thank you. Color a giant “thank you helpers” on your sidewalk for the mail carrier or create window art to spread cheer to those passing by.  Maybe coffee filter hearts or these crayon & paint easter eggs would work well for you.

Tuesday – Super Silly Day

WEAR: Loud colors, oversized clothes, too-big shoes, crazy hair. (We can’t wait to see your silly photos.)

EAT: Foods that don’t normally go together. Celery and jelly? Popcorn and pickles? The wackier the combo the better!

DO: Put on a silly human circus show together with multiple acts — include a trick by each person in the house.

MAKE: Silly face selfies. Fill up your camera roll and then send a few to friends or loved ones to share the fun.

WATCH: America’s Funniest Home Video clips for lots of laughs.

Wednesday – Pajama Day

WATCH: Anything you want, as long as you’re in your PJs!

EAT: Breakfast for dinner! Breakfast for every meal! Level up your cereal game with these funny face pancakes.

WEAR: PJs, robes, and slippers.

MAKE: A fabulous blanket and pillow fort to play in all day long

DO: Grab a flashlight and cuddle up and read in your fort or some other cozy, dark place in your house.

Thursday – Sports Day

WEAR: Sports jersey, team shirt, or athleisure, so you’re ready for action at any moment.

MAKE: Invent a new game that involves catching.

DO: Follow these instructions from Camp Galileo to create a Minute To Win It challenge with objects from around the house.

WATCH: A classic sports movie such as Space Jam, Air Bud or Mighty Ducks.

Friday – Beach Day

WEAR: Summer clothes or Swimwear.

DO: Play with water! How about a water relay in your driveway with spoons and buckets? Or what about extended tub time or creating a water-themed Rube Goldberg in your kitchen sink or bathtub?

MAKE: Set up a picnic in your living room. Bring in a lamp to double as the sun if it’s cloudy outside.

WATCH: Moana (unless you’ve seen it too many times. In that case, try The Little Mermaid.)

Saturday – Celebrate Family Day

WEAR: The same color as the rest of your family and take a family photo.

DO: Pull out a family photo album or scroll through family pictures together from past trips and events.

MAKE: A family shield or crest. This online program will generate your Family Crest with a few clicks. Have your family Motto or Tag Line ready to go!

WATCH:  Your family’s home videos — or Home Alone, depending on how things are going at your house.

PLAY: Family Feud for free online.

Sunday – 517 Spirit Day

WEAR: Any local pride shirt from your city, school, or beloved local destination. Miss your soccer uniform? Put it on!

DO: Take a mellow scooter or wagon walk around your neighborhood and look for art your neighbors have put in their windows.

MAKE: A list of all of the local places you want to go and things you want to do when life gets back to normal.

WATCH: The Accidentals music video Michigan and Again.


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