Lansing’s Daddy-Daughter & Mommy-Son and Daughter Dances 2019

Lansing, you are cordially invited to dance the night away with your darlings at the many daddy-daughter & mother-son and daughter dances this season.

Spend a precious night out with your son or daughter giving them a night to remember forever.


It’s one of the the sweetest things to see a daughter look up at her daddy at one of these dances. My husband and I can’t even imagine what it will be like to dance with our kids on their wedding days. Will someone please pass me a box of tissues? I can barely think about it without tears welling up. #stopgrowingupsofast!

Thankfully, they are not quite there yet. So – for now – bring on the mother-son dances! Bring on the daddy-daughter and mother-daughter dances! These sweet occasions are extremely fun and adorable with yummy treats and snacks. Bonus: events out one-on-one with mommy or daddy can set the bar for what a great date night out looks like.

Here is our list of daddy-daughter & mother-son and daughter dances:


Dance the Night Away with Your Little Sweethearts


Have so much fun with your most precious treasures as you dance the night away, Lansing families!