Play Your Heart Out at DEFY (Formerly District 5): 11 Reasons to Go Now


Fitness, Sports, and Entertainment for the Whole Family at DEFY Lansing

You’ll find my family at DEFY at least once a week.

As a mom to three elementary-aged kids, DEFY is one of my favorite Lansing spots. My kids range in age from 4 to 10, and usually outings that make my 4-year-old happy leave my 10-year-old bored with eyes locked on the clock.


But not at DEFY! This is one place I can confidently head into knowing that everyone in my crew will be happy and fully engaged.

My kids LOVE DEFY, and I do too – here’s a list of 11 reasons why!

DEFY Formally Known as District 5

DEFY is an indoor trampoline and extreme air sports park in Lansing that focuses on fitness, sports, and entertainment. The park used to be known as District 5, but recently had a name change and is now DEFY.


People in the area still use both names interchangeably, so if someone asks you to meet them at District 5, head to DEFY.

(1) DEFY is a BLAST for All Ages

When it first opened a few years ago, back when it was named District 5, I didn’t jump in right away. I wasn’t sure it’d be worth the $14/per person admission price – with three kids, that adds up! Plus, thoughts of a room full of hyper kids and possible germs kept me away.

Then one day, it was rainy. We were bored. I wanted to give the kids something different and fun to do. On that day, $14 for an hour of relief suddenly sounded perfectly reasonable. Plus, we had friends going and the thought of a get-together with other adults was exactly the push I needed to give it a try.

After our first time going, we were SOLD. It was so much fun to spend an afternoon out, and we left with even MORE energy than when we came, pumped up by the music, activity, socializing, and fun!

DEFY is for all ages, from toddler to high schooler, all the way up to active adult, and everyone has a blast together.

And confession time: it’s not just because of the kids that I love to go. I get right out there with them, and have just as much fun!


(2) DEFY is SO MUCH MORE than Trampolines

DEFY is SO MUCH MORE than just trampolines, though of course there are tons of those too. The aerial silks and trapeze are both very cool, giving you an experience of flying through the air like a circus performer. Check out a video of what it’s like here. The Ninja Obstacle Course is another favorite, where players are challenged in their ninja skills to make it all the way through.

My 7-year-old son’s favorite is the dodge ball court, where there’s usually always a game to join in with other kids. He also likes that it’s played fair and square because a staff member is there to supervise and referee the court. Some of our other favorites are the rock wall, angled trampolines, basketball, battle beams, super tramps (extra bouncy trampolines, ages 7+), wall tramps, swings, and high jumps into foam pits.


(3) You Can Work (or Read, or Rest) While They Play 

The main lobby has several comfy couches and chairs, plus a couple of large TVs with sports or cartoons. This is great for parents who want to hang out on-site with a laptop and whittle down those emails.

If you’re not jumping but want a better view, there are couches on the main floor too. You do NOT have to have a jump ticket to enter the main floor if you just want to watch your kids.

An FYI: the music can be LOUD. While maybe not everyone could get work or reading done here, I have seen plenty of parents sitting on couches happily engrossed in a book while the noise pounds around them. So I know for some of you, it’s possible!

(4) It’s Gets the Wiggles Out

Rainy days and winter cold can often keep kids from getting the exercise they need. It’s recommended that kids ages 5-17 should get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day. And more than 60 minutes of exercise gives even more health benefits!

A trip to DEFY makes sure that kids are getting exercise in with no work and all play.


(5) DEFY Has an Amazing Membership

As pricing changes can occur, please contact DEFY for current membership rates.

We found ourselves at DEFY so often this past fall that it only made sense to get the membership. I LOVE our membership, and here’s why.

Usually, admission is $14 for one hour of jumping. With a membership, for a one-time payment of $17 you can go in for 2 hours of jumping EVERY DAY of the month. (The only catch is you have to sign up for a minimum of 3 months. After that you can cancel anytime.)

That means on weekdays we can go in any day or time and jump for 2 hours. On weekends we can jump anytime before noon. So for only $3 more than it would cost us for one day, we can now get in for 2 hours every day

Since our typical time to visit is on weekdays straight after school, this membership made so much sense.

My daughters were in recreational gymnastics, but after getting our membership to DEFY and making this a weekly after-school activity, they decided to put a hold on gymnastics and do this instead. So in the end, it actually even saved me money!

When you break down the amount of visits vs. the price we pay each month, it makes it one of the most affordable outings we do in the area.


(6) It’s for Parents as Much as Kids

After a month of just watching, I couldn’t resist and jumped in as a member too!

Jumping with the kids gets my energy up, gives me more of a workout than I’d otherwise get, but more than anything, they love when their mom gets out there and makes a fool of herself.

They are still too young to be embarrassed of me, and I’m milking it!


(7) DEFY Has a Members Night Your Kids Will Never Want to Miss

The other super fun part about being a member is member’s night. My kids look forward to this every month, and so do their friends. On the first Sunday of the month DEFY is closed to the public and open only to members.

Each member gets to bring TWO friends for FREE, jump for two hours, and eat free pizza and pop. For the last hour, they turn off the main lights and put on the blacklights, and the energy and joy from the kids is infectious.

I will warn you, it is BUSY and at first can look a little crazy. But, once on deck, it is well-staffed and managed. Yes, it’s a little bit of organized chaos, but if you don’t mind a little noise, it’s really, really fun.

Another option if you’re interested just for the winter season is a Winter Pass. For $200 you can jump any day, at any time for 2 hours through May 31st.


(8) It’s SAFE

No more jumping off the coffee table! I love that my kids get to jump and test their limits in a SAFE and PADDED environment.

At the entrance to the main floor, a staff member is always standing ready to go over safety rules with your group. Rules are explained clearly for kids. They use a board with simple pictures, making it easy for kids to follow and then stick in their minds as they head out to the floor.

There are staff members stationed in each section of the park for keeping an eye on things and making sure that safety rules are enforced. From what I’ve seen, the staff is friendly when reminding kids who may be accidentally breaking the rules.

Of course, there’s alway the risk of bumps and bruises anytime you’re in a room full of jumping kids, but if a collision happens, the staff is instantly by your side to check on things, ready with an ice pack the second it’s needed.


(9) It’s Clean

One of my biggest apprehensions about taking my kids into a trampoline park was the possibility of germs.

Once I asked the staff about how they clean the park though, I was pleasantly surprised! Every night before closing, they disinfect all surfaces, and overnight they use a special ozone air cleaner to remove odors and airborne viruses.

A staff member will willingly explain their daily cleaning procedures to anyone interested – when I heard everything involved, it was very comforting!

That said, I still do make sure my kids wash their hands as soon as we are done jumping and always pack a hand sanitizer, for extra precaution.


(10) It’s the Perfect Place for a Birthday Party

DEFY is also a favorite place to throw a Birthday Party.

I love that I can throw a party my kids and all their friends will be so excited about, and it only takes a few minutes of planning! Parties come with pizza, party favors, a private room, and jump socks.

Once I get there, I don’t have to do anything but enjoy the party and focus on my birthday kid!


(11) It Has Super Fun Summer Camps

Too early to mention summer? I think not!

DEFY’s summer camps are packed with team-building experiences, games, interactive activities, crafts, and so much more. The camps are made for all kids, no matter their fitness level.

They have five sessions throughout the summer that run Monday -Thursday from 9-4.

DEFY Tips to Know Before You Go

You can find DEFY at 820 S. Waverly Rd. in Lansing. The trampoline park is in a plaza directly off I-96 (take the Waverly Road exit), sandwiched right between Home Depot and Sears.

You’ll need to sign a waiver for anyone jumping, and to save time you can fill one out online before going in. If you don’t get a chance to fill it out before though, once you walk in, there are kiosks straight ahead where you can fill the waivers out.

Then, head over to the counter to get your tickets and socks.


Tips Before Jumping 

  • SOCKS: Special grip socks have to be worn for anyone jumping, and DEFY will only allow their own. If you don’t have socks yet, they run $3 a pair, and can be brought back and reworn on future visits.
  • TICKET PRICES: Tickets are $14 for an hour, $19 for 1 ½ hours, or $22 for 2 hours for ages 7+. It’s a few dollars cheaper for kids 6 and under.
  • STORING YOUR STUFF: Cubbies are in front, right next to the entrance, and this is where you can put coats and shoes. There are also lockers available for a small fee.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Memberships are also available (see membership section below). If you plan on visiting more than once a month, the memberships can save you A TON!

Tips While You’re There

  • POTTY BREAKS: Before jumping, it’s always a good idea to have everyone hit the restrooms and drinking fountains so that no one has to miss precious jump time for a potty break! Bathrooms and drinking fountains are in the far back.
  • SNACKS AND DRINKS: For anyone needing a pop, bottled water, or quick snack, there are drink machines by the bathrooms and also snack machines toward the front.
  • FOOD: You can bring in your own food and drink, but these just need to be kept in the lobby area – no food or drink is allowed on the main deck.

DEFY is a Perfect Place to Take Kids on Many Occasions

Too cold, rainy or hot, to go outside, but want to get out and play? Maybe you need a place to reward your kids after a stellar report card, or somewhere special to take them for a one-on-one date night. OR maybe your kids are just driving you crazy with WAY too much pent up energy and you simply NEED.TO.GET.OUT.

For me, DEFY has been an answer to all of the above!

Have you been to District 5…er, I mean, DEFY lately, and what did you think?

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