Trunk or Treats Near Lansing: Where to Find Halloween Trunk or Treat Events in Lansing 2023

Trunk-or-Treat Events are Where It’s at for Fun with the Family this Halloween!

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of a trunk or treat event until recent years. When I found out about these fun Halloween events for the first time I was a bit confused saying, “excuse me! You mean TRICK or treat, right?”


Although there are loads of fun to be had at all types of Halloween happenings like trick or treating – trunk or treats are their own thing altogether.

A trunk or treat event in Lansing, MI

Trunk or treats are typically put on by organizations like schools, churches, and businesses as a way to give kids another opportunity to go trick or treating.

An indoor trunk or treat event in Lansing, MI

Just like trick or treating, trunk or treats mean bringing home loads of candy, but they are unique in that they are held in all sorts of different locations by many organizations and they sometimes have more than just candy.

Some trunk or treats offer costume contests, games, music, prizes, food, and more. Some of these events are held indoors so kids are sure to have a great time no matter the weather outside.

An indoor trunk or treat event in Lansing, MI

Read on to find out where the best trunk or treats are in Lansing for the 2023 season.

Do you know of a trunk or treat we missed? Add it to the calendar here so we can share it with our community. Happy Halloween, Lansing!

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Kids excited for a trunk or treat event in Lansing, MI

Where to find Trunk or Treat Events in Greater Lansing 2023

Calendar thanks to 517 Living! Trunk or treat events will be posted soon for the 2023 season…

A decorated trunk at a trunk or treat in Lansing, MI

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