Sensory-Friendly Places and Events for Families with Special Needs


Did you know that Lansing is Extremely Sensory and Special Needs Friendly?

The Lansing area is full of places for fun outings with kids, but if you’re a family of children with special needs, you may not be entirely sure what will work for your child. For kids with special needs, trying to arrange fun and comfortable outings can be a bit more of a challenge.


Some kids are more sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, and crowds, while others may have mobility impairments or be more likely to run off. If you face any of these challenges when taking out your little ones, fear not…there are sensory-friendly places here in Lansing just right for you!

Locations Offering Sensory and Special Needs Friendly Hours and Events

This is a list of a few places in the Lansing area we know are great for all kids to visit. They offer sensory friendly and special needs hours and event opportunities.

If you know of a place we should add, please comment below.

Abrams Planetarium – Sensory-friendly shows on the third Sunday of every month at 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Celebration Cinema – “Enjoy a sensory and disability-friendly environment where everyone is welcome to be who they are!”

DEFY Lansing– Offering sensory-friendly hours every first Wednesday of the month and soon to be offering awareness events.

Impression 5 – They plan sensory friendly hours and events throughout each month.

Lansing Lugnuts – Sensory-friendly days are held through out the Lansing Lugnuts season.

Launch – Weekly sensory hours are available.

The Library – Many libraries across our region offer special needs and sensory-friendly events and hours including storytimes, paws for reading and more. A few recommendations are the East Lansing Library, Delta District Library, and the 13 locations of the CADL.

Potter Park Zoo – Their FALCONERS program is dedicated to creating a space where families with special and other needs can experience the zoo together.

Michigan History Center – Events and hours are offered each month.

MSU Museum – Provides sensory-friendly environment every 3rd Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. – noon through May 2020.

NCG Cinema – Sensory Friendly showings every third Saturday of the month at 10am.

Preuss Pets – Preuss Pets holds a monthly event called Kids Day in Old Town and holds a Sensory-friendly event in April during Autism Awareness Month.

Wharton Center Center for Performing Arts – The Wharton Center provides a sensory-friendly performance for many roster events.

WKAR – Public Media from Michigan State University – PBS Kids Day is a much-anticipated event each year in Lansing and it’s geared toward all kids in Lansing. There will be a “sensory-friendly quiet room with low lighting and comfy furniture, so all kids are invited!”


Area Sensory-Friendly and Special Needs Event Offerings

Many area libraries, movie theaters, and museums are considerate of special needs, and more than ever before are designating certain times and events that are more sensory-friendly.

Use the list below for what’s coming up:

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