Top Toddler Activities & Play Places Around Lansing


Where Around Lansing can you Take Your Toddler for Socialization, Learning, and Play?

Two things all moms and dads can agree on is that the toddler phase is made of polar opposites: precious rewards and downright exhaustion!

Stuff can hit the fan and get real, quick during #thattoddlerlife. Can I get an amen?!

Potter Park Zoo Kid

At the same time, these busy little blessings are totally worth every bit of energy we pour out. Seeing their faces light up when they learn something new is a joy I think parents can never fully express in words.

Developing toddler minds are busy at every moment taking in new information – which makes getting out to a toddler-friendly activity or place a match made in heaven for many moms. It’s a fun way to get socialization for toddlers (and mommas) + have the kids get out some energy.

In happenstance, Lansing has many opportunities to do this. Below you’ll find toddler-friendly places to play both indoor and outdoor, activities, and events happening throughout the week.

Toddler-Friendly Play Places in and Around Lansing

Lansing Area Indoor Play Places  


Al!ve has a treehouse, play area geared just for toddlers. You can drop your kids off to play and learn while you take advantage of the many options Al!ve has to offer.


CADL (Capital Area District Libraries) Their 13 locations offer toddler play areas and experiences.

Other Libraries we love with toddler play areas and storytimes:

Delta District Library Story Time Lansing Kids

Fenner Nature Center has fun interactive play inside of their welcome center. Kids can see animals, reptiles, and play. It’s meant for all ages so that toddlers have just as much fun as the older kids.

Sister looking through the glass at sisters class Goldfish-Swim-School

Goldfish Swim School offers open family swim times.

impression 5 lansing indoor play areas

Impression  5 is for all ages but they specifically gear an entire room just for toddlers. Shoes have to come off when you walk through the door and intentional safe toddler play awaits! There is also a room for breastfeeding moms.


Red Cedar Gymnastics Toddler time at Red Cedar is raved about by many! It’s a nice opportunity to socialize, use and learn motor skills and have fun in a safe atmosphere.

Launch has special times just for toddlers. They get to bounce and play liket he big kids but without the fear of the big kids bouncing too close. Parent’s love this option.

Lansing Mall Play Area for kids babies toddlers

The Malls Lansing and Okemos both have play areas geared toward toddlers. This can be a nice time to meet up with a friend to chat.

play. is an all-in-one spot on a day you’d like to get out and relax. They also have epic events like princess parties, superhero activities and more!

Taggart’s Place Playground in Portland inside the Church of the Nazarene reviews don’t stop coming in to us about Taggart’s and the verdict is that it’s AMAZING for toddlers.

TimeOut Play Cafe Drink coffee and let the kids play what a perfect combo!

Great Parks for Toddlers near Lansing:

You’ll find these above listed park locations on the parks guide with a map included.


Hawk Island Park has a toddler playground that is fenced off making it nice and easy to play and explore safely year-round. Their splash pad is also another great place to take toddlers during the summer.

Moores Park has three playgrounds and two of them are toddler friendly. They are located south of the parking lot under the trees.


Sharpe Park has a designated toddler swing and play area near the parking lot and trailhead.

Patriarch Park is a local favorite. It’s cushion floor and toddler play area plus many swings makes this a great go-to suggestion.

Riverside Park in DeWitt has phenomenal grounds. Its three parks each have a toddler section making for a great adventureful day.

Moores Park Pool Lansing Michigan Kid water playgrounds

Play in the water at many splash pads and pools.

Outdoor Play Places Around Lansing

Indoor Play Lansing MSU Butterfly House (1)

MSU Children’s Garden Center/Horticulture Center  has storytimes, the butterfly house in the spring, and Christmas events in the winter. Plus, the gardens are fun for any age to play and explore.


Preuss Pets is a perfect place for toddlers. It’s loud inside because of the birds, you can feed the fish making it interactive, and there are so many other animals and creatures to look at, learn about, and admire. Full disclosure: it may be hard to leave without taking home a new friend if your little one is into pets.

Visiting a garden can be a nice way to spend quality learning time. Here are a few we love around here: MSU Rivertrail and Gardens and Greenhouses, Cooley Law School Garden, LCC Japanese Garden. There are many local community gardens around Lansing as well.

Go to the MSU Barns Feeding and saying hi to the horses are the MSU Horse barns is one of our families favorite things to do in Lansing. No matter your age, spending time with the horses, cows, and goats makes for a peaceful outing.

potter park zoo, zoo, kids at zoo, lion, lion exhibit

Potter Park Zoo is a big highlight for any Lansing family. We’ve listed 21 reasons they are pretty darn great and most of them are toddler friendly.

Take a Walk on a nature or city trail around town.

Toddler-Friendly Activities and Events in Lansing

If you’re looking to get out of the house to do something fun and have your little sweetie toddler in tow, these events are for you:

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In Lansing, You Don’t Have to do the Toddler Phase Alone

I’ll say it again, the toddler phase is absolutely beautiful and absolutely hard all at the same time and you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re looking to meet other moms and new friends here is a helpful tool:


Connect With Other Moms in These Parenting Groups Around Greater Lansing

And if you need a night out with your hunny or friends after all these activities and play with the kids, here are two great recourse for ideas beyond dinner and a movie:

101 Lansing Date Night Ideas

Moms Night Out: 37 Things to Do on a Girls Night in Lansing

Happy “toddler phase-ing,” Lansing!

Enjoy these activities and places to the max because as they say “it goes by so fast.”

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  1. Monique Gallivan

    Bath Township Public Library has a baby storytime on Wednesdays at 10:30AM and a toddler storytime on Fridays at 10:30 AM.

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