Where & When to Find all of the Lansing Area Storytimes: Get Ready for Crafts, Dancing, Music, & More


Storytime at Libraries and Book Stores Could be the Mini-Break You’ve Been Looking For

I find storytimes to be a real breath of fresh air during the week. Diapers, dishes, more diapers, tummy time, feeding, toddler time, you name it – this mom, dad, and caregiver life is busy, hard, and straight up exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom but real talk, caring for our sweet darlings and the rest of life with kids is truly hard work. For this reason, storytimes make our outings list weekly. It’s that little break in the routine where kids can play and interact with others while an amazing teacher entertains them with books, songs, dance, and even creatures in some cases!

Whether you’ve just figured out the mini-break wonder of storytimes or you’re a veteran storytime-er, this list of just storytimes around town is a great go-to when planning out weeks-o-fun!

Delta District Library Story Time Lansing Kids

What Type of Storytime Are you Looking for?

In the Greater Lansing area, there are several different types of storytimes. If you’re looking for something specific, chances are you will find it.

There are interactive featured books and themes at Barnes & Noble, music and movement at Delta District Library, cool all-ages craft times afterward at East Lansing Library, nature storytimes at Harris Nature Center, creature storytime at Fenner Nature Center and Potter Park Zoo, and all kinds of different themes at the 13 CADL branches plus many more locations in our radius!

They’ll get your kids creating, dancing, singing, and encouraging the love for books in a safe and calm environment. Most storytimes are held in play areas of libraries or bookstores packed full of toys, interactive books, playhouses, and more.

Chipmunk StoryTime Harris Nature Center

The Elephant in the Storytime Room

Almost every mom has experienced their kid crying or screaming in the library at some point. Who knows what sets them off each day, it could be not wanting to leave, needing to be changed, or just having one of those days.

Don’t let a scream or bad day detour you from trying out or going back to storytimes. We all completely get it, you’re not alone, and in a way when you kid screams it gives us hope that we are all in this mom-life together.


We had a sweet comment on an LFF Facebook post from Delta District Library saying they secretly love to hear a kid crying when they leave because it means they love the library and had a great time. What a great way to express “come back and see us again” – am I right?!

Also, if you have a “runner” (I do) or your sweetie isn’t interested in being part of the close-up action per se, they’ll still get to participate in storytimes around Lansing being that many are located in the toy/kid sections. If and when they feel comfortable joining the group they are always welcome.


Find a Storytime Every Day of the Week in Lansing

Storytimes are happening all over Lansing every day of the week meaning you’ll find something to fit your schedule.

If you love to plan, this list will help. If you’re the spur of the moment kind of parent, this list will help!

BONUS: I love that storytimes are nice for meeting a friend. If you’re new to the area or new to mom-life these can be a great place to meet new friends while your kiddos get some socializing in as well.

Do you have a favorite storytime hour around town? If so, comment below so other parents can hear where they should try next!

Happy mini-breaking at your next storytime fellow hardworking, amazing, parents…

Storytimes in and Around Lansing

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